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IRSSE is one of the five Engg Services in Railways. An ECE Engineer has a choice between IRSS (Stores) and IRSSE but in my view IRSSE offers a better oppertunity to be in main stream and raise higher. Thisis apart from all the choices you have through UPSC Civil Services exam ie IRAS, IRTS, IRPS and RPF.

Theoretically IRSSE Engrs have the same channel of Oppertunities as any other Group-A services except RPF who donot have access to general posts like ADRM, AGM, DRM, GM and member. Present scenario in IR  for IRSSE is not really on par with others (except IRSS and RPF who are not faring on par with any others) since there is no Member at Railway Board (Secretary ) level. IRSSE is not having proportionate representation in General posts for some reason.

If You an ECE BE  are bent upon joining Gr-A Govt services through Engg Services, You donot have many choices to beat IRSSE. People feel that ITS is better since as a ECE Engr you are in main stream in BSNL. It is true but the ITS is perhaps going to be closed any time as a Group-A service and convert into PSU executives. ITS (Indian Telecom Service) is fighting a legal battle to survive and promotion opperunities are almost same as IRSSE.

Every job comes with some Plusses and Minuses  and there is no job that offers the best of all worlds for an ECE Engr since ECE are not in main stream in any any industry except IT field and ITS. Railway job offers less rural postings and six sets of passes Bunglows or Big Flats etc which ITS and IT Field donot offer. Also a job in Railways normally offers more Managerial role and in decision making.

As an ECE passout you need to take your own call after consulting seniors already working in respective fields.

Note : Just noticed that recruitment to ITS (BSNL) is stopped.

Decision is yours;  so is the career.

Please visit the Post and find the 10 reasons “to” or “not to” joining Gr-A Railway Services, particularly IRSSE


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  1. Please note that Engineers are not the mainstream in any industry except in those areas involving heavy R&D etc.
    Even in IT industry, it is the finance and marketing guys who rule the roost. This stems from the fact that the ultimate objective of any organisation is finance which is generated through marketing. Technical people come quite low in this chain of things, hence the overall grim scenario.
    Hence, the brightest Engineers actually dont remain engineers, they join MBA etc.

  2. What are the carrer growth option for Railway store services ?
    Does promotions in Railway signal services faster than Railway store services?

    • It all depends on what is your BE , ECE, EEE, CE. In any case theoretical prospects are same but are better in IRSSE as compared IRSS (Stores) as seen thro the lens of History. IRSSE closes at a smaller rank than ECE quota of stores.

  3. I am a B.Tech student of IIT DELHI and I want to know the details of facilities an IRSSE officer gets at the time of recruitment.How big bungalow he gets,does he get a vehicle with light,peons etc.? In which cities he gets posted ?
    Is the status and facilities of IRSSE officer comparable to civil services like IAS.IFS,IRAS etc.?
    Do iitians go for IRSSE generally?

  4. I am student of Information Technology branch, can I give this exam & how? and what should i prepare for this?

  5. Sirs..I am an ECE student from NIT Jaipur,..hoping to be selected in Engg. Services…Want to know about how should I prepare for the interview(from toppers perspective) u have been the Engg. Services toppers.

    • Unlike in Civils the interview is not tricky and only a few questions were being posed those days.

      Be confident and aware.

      @ Piyush:

      Not sure whether BE-IT has access to irsse..

    • There is no ITS now a days. Only old ITSs are continuing but new entrants are just executives of a PSU called BSNL or MTNL.

      ITS is in main stream but postings in small towns are the order of the day till retirement due to operation of SAG posts in Districts.

  6. My senior in IRSSE told that even group B does not give importance to the Gp A in IRSSE…no power at all…only salary and a stamp to content with. In trains the TTE doesnt giv respect. Is it true?

    • Your friend seems to be having some issues with self confidence or is expecting lots of pampering at very initial stages. There is no question of Gr-B not regarding Gr-A. As for the TTE it also depends on your your seniority/ grade and how and whom you approach.

      One should carefully choose a career and not cling to an Organization Grudgingly.

  7. Hi Sir,

    Let me introduce myself, I got selected for ESE2010 and expecting to get IRSSE. Currently working as a Sr. Design Eng in well know semiconductor company. My prime objective of writing ESE is to a have respectful and quality of life which i have been missing in my current job.

    But recently i have been hearing lot of rumors about IRSSE service, I am dilemma weather to join service or not. if you don’t mine could please clarify my doubts it will be great help and relief to me.

    1. How are the long term growth and prospects in IRSSE?.
    2. I heard we need to work around 18h per day continuously?. Is that correct?
    3. No holidays and festivals, 365 days work?. Is that correct.
    4. Very hectic, and no power and no resect from subordinates?
    5. Please tell me what kind of facilities we get at the beginning of the service?. I heard IR provides car, and bungalow and two servants? is that correct ?
    6. How is the life style in IR? Do we get sufficient time to spend with family and kids?.
    7. How is the job opportunities in private sector in railways?, after having 5-10 y exp in IR
    8. What does JAG officer do?, How long it will take to reach JAG officer?.

    Please answer above questions it will be gr8 help for me.

    If possible could please give me your mobile number and your convenient time so that i can discuss with you over phone.

  8. While I donot recommend or Discourage you from Joining IRSSE or for that matter any Govt Service, I would be happy to say that the You are wrong on all the counts; both positive and negative :

    1. LT prospects are almost just as good as any other Govt service for an ECE graduate except perhaps IAS/IPS/IRS/I Frn Serv.
    2. 18 Hrs? May a Day in a month particularly in case of serious disruptions (in fld posts) esp in beginning of career. It is definitely not 9-5 in all posts.
    3. Again only in exigencies. You get leave and have a network of rest houses and Holiday Homes along with passes.
    4. Disciplined staff in most Railways next only to Defence. The power (independent action-ability) is much higher than PSUs.
    5. First Five- to- eight years will provide U less salary and not many privileges (legal) while some may get voluntary staff help due to Ur position. From JAG ( 6-8 Yrs onwards) you get a legally appointed (your choice) Bungalow peon.
    6. IR offers a good life style for family with Free Clubs and Gyms Etc with Club Culture.
    7. Most signal Engrs who develop their Tech skils have good market but very few are going out after VI-CPC.
    8 . JAG is the most important executive and at field level heads a team of 50-1200 plus staff depending on the assignment plus a B.peon as explained. It has a higher level within (after 12-13Yrs) called SG which pays you reasonably well ie 80K plus upfront.

    There is however a feeling that IRSSE can do a lot better for Railways if given a greater role and opportunities than they do now.

    You may post your mail address to so that Mob No can be shared.

    – IRSSE

  9. Hi Sir,

    Thank you very much for the clarification, it cleared all my doubts. Also it will helps to lot of people who are in dilemma whether to join service or not.

    I once again thank you for the clarification, it is a great releaf to me.

  10. Sir,
    what are the provisions with respect to security provided to a group A officer..whther a grp A of IRSSE is entitled for RPF bodyguards and all?

    • Haa.. You seem to be expecting a lot. You dont get and Dont need one. It is just another Gr-A gazetted service. But in J&K and Assam in some Postings You are given Gunmen during field visits but that is a real exxxxxception. Except afew very top officials no Gr-A in Railways gets RPF protection.

      Meet some working JAG officer at Jaipur and get a real idea.

  11. Urgent !
    I would like to know whether the IRSSEA is there like IRSEOA?
    The unity of IRSE officers is intimidating and thus similar measures are warranted from the officers of the IRSSE cadre.
    I have gone through minutes of IRSEOA meetings…and I was surprised at the level of mentoring, support and grooming of irse probationers done by their irse seniors.
    No wonder the irse is so strong and powerful lobby within the Indian Railways.
    Mind having a look? :

    Response awaited from irsse..

  12. We Dont know how active this Assn is. Let IRSSEA start ie get registered and with office bearers in Place these issues can be worked out and represented.

  13. Sir,
    pl tell us abt the metal passes a Gp A officer in Rail in entitled for…i have heard that ASTEs get bronze pass(6 sets?) and eventually they get silver and gold passes in SAG and HAG…is it true?

    • You get Metal Pass which is for Official travel and is unlimited within Your Railway.

      After getting SG in JA you get a card that entails you to travel First AC on duty.

      After 20-22 Yrs You get Silver Pass which entails You First AC all over the IR.

      At GM grade (ie above HAG) you get Gold Pass.

      You can carry family on duty in 2nd AC.

      Six Sets of passes from any where to any where to-and-fro for personal use per annum for all Gazetted.


  14. Sir, what is the purpose of metal passes, since as you said, the metal pass is used for travelling in duty hours within the zone. Do irsse officers have to travel
    a lot in duty hours?
    Secondly, why would one need to carry family members in duty hours as you said we can carry family on duty in 2nd class AC.
    I just have doubts, pls clear it.

  15. IT is privilege given (family travel) as some times stay may be extended you can carry family. You put them in guest house and go for your job.
    IRSSE have ravel more ie about 10 days a month or more in the beginning of career like any other Railway service except personnel and accounts.
    Metal pass is easy to carry and difficult to duplicate and you have to show it if tte asks.

  16. Sir I have these ques, stated pointwise as under:
    1.So, do we get metal pass in the beginning of career itself?

    2.If I want to do M.Tech/MBA, is the permission granted easily for study leave?
    Does this lower my seniority if I join back after 2 yr mtech/mba?

    3.After how many years of joining can I apply for study leave/permission for MBA/MTech?

  17. sir,
    i am Btech in ece, working as executive trainee in power sector comp. very shortly i will become sr. engg in c&i department, but i have option to join railway as JE s&t queries are-
    1) will i get any age relaxation in ESE if i join railway as je.
    2)i am not getting time for preparation of ES exams ,so working atmosphere of JE will permit me to carry on my prep.
    3)people says internal promotion exam for gr-B is there but chances are nill for general candidates, is it true.

    • We strongly suggest that you stick to your present job. It can take a JE almost a life time to reach IRSSE. JE and ADSTE (IRSSE) are poles apart. As JE/Sig or Telecom you may not find time for CES exam. Even JE DRg is not an option for U. Try CES exam.

      Decision is certainly Yours.

  18. Sir, please tell me abt the prospect for getting study leave in Irsse for doing mtech or mba..will it affect seniority if one joins after 2 yrs of mba/mtech?

    • The prospects to MTech/ MBA are very meagre. If U do manage, there is no loss of seniority. Even if Study is permitted on leave terms, there is no loss of Seniority.

  19. dear sir,i am selected as SE signals in RRB bangalore.
    currently working in software field,pls suggest if it would be good move .
    since i am aspiring for IES but not getting time fore preparation,will the job as SE help in realising my dream.
    And also what are the career prospects,promotion,salary and posting foe SE signals.

    • SE/Sig is a busy post and doesnot give much free time. It may be advisable for You to continue in your present post which must Financially more advantageous in long run.

      • although job is lucrative but no job security,which primarily is my concern.
        earlier i did not join AAI as ATC due to job’s nature and irregular shift patterns.

      • Sir, What is the career prospects for SE in Railways? Do they reach the level same as those attained by people recruited through UPSC?

  20. It is not about Closing BSNL but closing ITS. Govt finds no relevance for maintaining a Govt Service even long after BSNL has become a company.

    Govt has given option to either get absorbed a Corporate Employees in BSNL or Go back to Govt of India where they will be working against surplus posts. They have been offered a golden handshake in DoT under Govt Scheme and hence most will land up with VR. In any case ITS recruitment has been already stopped. Iam not sure about ITS recruiting even in 2010.

    • respected sir,
      dot have already recruited around 60 ITS officer in 2010 ESE. in 2011, they are recruiting around 11 ITS group A. and 61 ITS group B. certainly ITS cadre is not stopped although there officer’s deputation to BSNL is stopped. the cadre responsibilities are now vigilance, regulation monitoring and coordination with different organization like ITU etc(as it is published in ESE gazette 2011 ). now they will not be deputed in BSNL , MTNL etc. so for new ITS officer future is certainly going to be good, in comparison to job profile. but so many SAG officer are in surplus. i think this ll, may effect new ITS officers promotion aspects.
      just want to share information, i am very thankful to you for you kind and helping nature for new aspirants.

  21. Respected Admin,
    I am curious as to whether colour-blindness could be a hindrance in getting a job in IRSSE. I hold B.Tech in ECE with 78% marks and appearing for CESE 2012. And yes, I suffer from MILD deuteranopia (Green-Red Spectrum Colour Blindness).

      • What other options, as a Colourblind ECE Engineer, do I have in Indian Railways if I get through the CESE/IES exam?
        (P.S. I have always wanted to work in Railways)

      • Indian Railway Stores Service. If You take civils you have IRTS, IRAS and IRPS after IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS etc..

  22. dear sir,
    i want to know what is the current salary of an irsse at the tme of joinning? how much one gets at the time of joining?

  23. ADEN to DEN it takes 2 years in IRSE…so does that mean, IRSE is superior to IRSSE in terms of promotion etc.

    • It takes 1 1/2 to Two years in all Rly Services after 1 1/2 of Probation. There can be no such comparisons at lower level. Promotions are almost similar nowadyas upto SG ( 12Yrs).

  24. respected sir,
    i want to know, will there is any chance that railway board get member (S&T)?. as IRSSE representation in general management post are very less as compare to other cadre. i have already given IRSSE(than ITS) as first preference while submitting my DAF to UPSC. so bit curious about service future prospects.
    kind regards,

    • The ITS service is into Deep Surplus, with hundreds reporting to TEC at Delhi and having Nothing to at all. The recent recruitments are for Monitoring the Telecom Policy and for Telecom Engg reasearch and Development after a long hiatus in recruitment. The back log posts are being recruited. One can take a decision after consulting ITS insiders at Personal Level.

      As Regards Member(S&T), it is all Daisy, but if it happens, there will be big change in fortunes. Ultimately as in all Govt Srvices, at what age U join will be more important. 22-23 Yrs is the ideal.

  25. Sir, I am an ECE Engineer, 25 years of age. Recently I got through RRB Bhubaneshwar as a JE-II (Electrical). As I have the opportunity and the desire, I want to go for 1st class services (as they say) in Indian Railways. I was searching the net for Eligibility Criterion and all but couldn’t find any help. I have the following queries to you:
    1. As an ECE engineer, can I (by any chance) appear the IES Exams in Electrical Engineering stream?
    2. I am a General candidate. How many attempts can I have?
    3. What is the maximum age limit for General candidates?
    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

    • We are not in Touch with the Subject. You can pose your Query on the Following Forum and Try and get Reply:

      It appears that ECE cannot get into Electrical Stream. Pl Go thro this Ad and also cosult some Job Consultant for more accuracy.

  26. Hello Sir,

    I want to prepare for IES this year in ECE stream.. But Can you please tell me how would be the job satisfaction I would get in IRSSE or IRSS if I get through.. What kind of work would I get. Is it Design or Enhancement or support or testing.?

    Now there is metro rail project is going on.. Its a new project..What is the role of IRSSE or IRSS in that.. If it gets outsourced to L&T , would the IES officers get any work?

  27. please tell me about the level of paper and the syllabus.In which month i can fill the form and when the paper will be held.I need a guidance because i am very much interested in joining railway.I hope that you can guide me well in this field.Please tell me everything related and important do’ and dont’ can mail me also on my ID

  28. sir i am an ECE student i want to know about the date of exams,is this exam held every year.

  29. i think this is a good sign where railway minister Mr.Trivedi is wishing for the restructure of the railway board ..!! and inclusion of Member (safety) where IRSSE can be appointed through it and can play a greater role which was very much on the talks from recent times.. 🙂 .complete upgradation of signalling …as well as greater package from the centre..

  30. Few questions:
    1. Does Railway ask preference of Zone/place before posting from an IRSSE officer?
    2. What are the chances of being posted at Zonal headquarters ?
    3. Do they keep rotating officers throughout the country?
    4. Can you tell me (in short) how is the “Life in a day” of an IRSSE officer (like daily working hours, normal day routine) ?
    5. Do they (officers) get enough time for learning new skills, self recreational activities, sports etc?
    I heard that working hours for officers in Railways is (>10 hours) more than other Govt Jobs(9 to 5 = 8hours). Is it right for regular days (exclude emergencies)?

    • 1. Choices are given but allotment goes by Rank and Reservation
      2. One cannot Be assured of any place or Railway
      3. Most Jobs are 9-5 and are rotational
      4. Clubs with good facilities in most places
      5. No Specific and Strong Transfer Policy ( May have to serve 3-5 Yrs in Assam, NE ie NF Railway).
      6. Max in a Post 4 Yrs, Max in a place 10 yrs and max in one Rly 15 Yrs but not strict.

  31. Sir/Ma’m,
    I am a 3rd yr EC student of NIT Rourkela,now going into final year. I am an IES(basically IRSSE) aspirant. But, as you know the exam takes around a year for the results to arrive, I am not sure what to do once i give the written test of IES,…..I have basically three options ahead of me…1)Drop a year and take further coaching for IES…2)Join and study for IES 3) Join the private company which i vl get in our Campus placements nd then try for IES…….Plz help me out

    • Option 1 in case Ur not sure of selection in First attempt but better than option-3 , option Two the best as M.Tech keeps U in Touch and not that taxing, Option three normally leaves little time for studies for Attempt-2. Take Ur own call.

  32. Sir,
    Even i think option-2 is the best option. But, actually I am unclear about the amount of workload in I am unsure whether i can devote time for my IES studies if I join…Can you please shed some light on this??

  33. SIr,
    After my , If I dont qualify fr IRSSE in da 1st attempt, I am planning to appear for RRB exams and get into Railways as a Senior section engineer/Junior engg of telecom. I think the not so demanding work load in this govt. job will allow me to continue with my IES preparation.Am i thinking in the right direction? What’s your take on this?

    • As SSE U will be lagging behind an IRSSE by 10-15 Yrs in Career. SSE is a Taxing Job as most other Junior Level Jobs in Railways.

  34. Sir,
    A final thing I had to ask you.A personal question. Can you please tell me the difficulty level of the IES interview?? I mean how serious is it??
    I am asking this because I am a stammerer,a mild one though. So , will my stammering count against me in the interview?? I am quite confident of clearing the written tests with good marks….I will also answer the technical questns asked in the interview….Only this stammering thing is a drawback….Plz answer this sir

    • Not So Serious. The Best speakers of the world were stammerers to start with. General health and colour Blindness are more important.

  35. Sir,
    I am planning to take IES exams with E&T this year.While going through the posts I came to know that an EC guy can’t take the exam opting Electrical. Actually I graduated from Instrumentation and control, so am I not eligible to take the exam with Electronics. Plz do reply as it’s crucial to my career.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Sorry Visit UPSC Site or a career Counselor. We are not clear abt current UPSC policicies. But I assure U that any EEE/ECE/ CEC can do well in IRSSE if UPSC has that definition. UPSC is sureme in the matter.

  36. sir
    1.) i got selected for both irts and irse in 2011 cse and ese respectively. i also research about their job prospects and find that irse have larger quota in higher post than irts. i am more inclined towards managerial post than technical post.
    so according to you which service is more suitable for me keeping view of future prospects?

    2.)how does seniority list in prepared after completing probation?

    3.) do authorities ask about choice of posting?

    and sir i also cleared three state engineering service exam conducted by their public service comission and have choice to join state pwd as assistant engineer.those posts have same salary as railways. so sir according to you state sevice is better or central service?

    • You cannot Compare apples with Oranges. IRSE gives you more Professional satisfaction, while IRTS gives overall prominance. If You have good age advantage ( Below 23) You may join IRSE but otherwise consider IRTS. There is not much of difference in Prospects, but IRTS is a bit better overall in that respect.

      Opinion purely personal. Consult others too.


  37. Hi I am currently working as a design engineer(Electronics) in a renowned core company and the pay is also good but i have always wanted to join the services as it offers much better facilities and respect.Is it advisable to join the engineering services as I am planning to start my preparation for ESE-2013 very soon.

  38. Sir I’m actually a BE degree holder in Mechanical Engineering…..My question is what is better about Services in Railways than others like MES, Indian ordnace factory etc…


  39. sir i am giridharan 3rd year ece ceg,anna university, chennai, i am a hearing impaired student, i like to join n group A in railways. What exam i should write or is there any quota to join group A officer in Railway

  40. dear sir my name is sadiq tabrez in m doing engineering(BE) in electronics and communication in vtu my question is can i get a job in railway as IRSSE after my graduation? if yes then how much aggregate i have to make? and they count my marks from first sem to 8th sem or from 5th sem to 8th sem? If any year back is happened in my cource then there will be any problem? AND my father is a railway employ in BRS(boogie repair section) is their is any kind of good positive point for the childrens of railway workers?

    thank u…..

  41. hello sir, Myself AK tripathi. I have done my B.Tech. in ECE from last four Years i am working in DRDO and got a promotion also. But I dont like the culture of DRDO. Actually i like more management not technical also I want to join IES and planning to give ESE2013.
    So can you suggest me which service is better for me ( IRSSE, IRSS, IOFS, WPC or ITS or any other)
    Also I want to know the best way to prepare for getting good rank.

    if possible can you give your mobile no or mail so that i can clear my doubts.

  42. sir, i have heard about rampant corruption in IRSTE ? Is it true people are earning beyond their salaries ?

  43. sir
    how commercial and operational wings are decided in IRTS for a new recruitee?
    is their any fix rule?
    can they be interchanged further?
    sir please reply to the best of your knowledge.
    thanks and eagerly waiting for your reply

    • IRSSE offers oppertunities even outside and has an auara of a real Central service with Clubs, passes and other facilities. We are not so sure what IOFS offers. Pl talk to some one in service.

  44. sir, which one is best IRSSE or IOFS through IES exam? what type of facilities given to both of them…

  45. what is the pay scale of irsse is 15600-39100+54000. or 9300-34800+5400. how much salary they get in training and after training.

  46. Sir,,irsse they are class 1 officers,,they are equal to IAS AND IPS,,they are beaurocrat,,,they hold a prestigious position…then y cant they get blue beacon…plz reply

    • Blue Beacon is not permitted for Most Officials. Comparison with IAS/IPS is in appropriate. The blue Beacon is more a vestige of British era ( and safety reqmt in case of Senior officials/ Ministers) and not an Admin reqmt of Govt.


  47. Dear sir
    I have appeared un gate and preparing for ces. I want to know about the life of irsse eng. I have heard that officers are 24 hrs on duty. They have to work in that manner, order their staffs even in night. They have to manage staff day in day out. Is this situation only in aste level or even till jag level or throughout life. In that respect how do u compare life in ntpc or bhel.
    Thanks and waiting for ur reply.

  48. Hi ,
    I have done BTech from ECE and have got selected fro ESE interview , While filling DAF form i am giving first preference to IRSS then second option as IRSSE , Please suggest me if ot is fine . Can you give me some points so that I can convince my interviewer about my choice .


    • Not sure when was your interview. IRSS is a basically a desk job whereas in IRSSE you are involved in Projects and day to day Operations. Both contribute in their own ways.

  49. Hi,
    I am filling DAF form for this year please suggest me in priority order which one should be given higher priority IRSS or IRSSE .


    • As of Now IRSSE offers better exposure and prospects.
      IRSS is a white collar service with less exposure to day to day train operations.


  50. Sir I am from EC filling my form. My dilemma is between IRSS(stores) and IRSSE(Signal). Which of the two has more chances to finally take me to post of member board (I am 22 right now)? Additionally I have heard there is no leisure time, very few holiday, hectic work in IRSSE(signal) is it true(if not what is the real situation)? Sir kindly answer quick as I need to fill priority tomorrow. Thankyou

    • No IRSS officer has so far become a Member in Board. IRSSE had a a Member for a long time and having Two GMs.One of them likely to become next Member. Both services have advantages and vice-a-versa.

  51. I heard that in railways IRSSE officers are discriminated with respect to IRTS, IRSME or civil engineers and given less priviledges and status??? to what extent is it true??

    • Not formally. At present there are two IRSSE GMs in Openline and one of them is likely to be Member soon. Thus we re heading towards improvement.

  52. Sir,
    How much time does it take for a newly appointed irsse officer (ADSTE) to reach Pay Band – 4(37000-67000 pay scale)?
    Specify years including the training period.

  53. First of all thanks for your reply to my previous query. Sir, there is a buzz that seats are going to increase tremendously for the forthcoming IES-2013 for Electrical branch. How far is this true..? Plz reply

  54. Sir,
    Thanks for answering my last question!
    I just want to know one more thing.
    What is the increment in the salary per year for an ADSTE ( IRSSE officer )?
    Is the increment on the grade pay or pay scale or both?
    What’s the overall percentage increment per year after joining IRSSE?

  55. Sir,
    If it’s not too much to ask I would like to have clarification on your answer to my last query(which was “What is the increment in the salary per year for an ADSTE ( IRSSE officer )?”).

    And you answered that the increment was 3% of the basic salary.
    But I wanted to know the overall percentage(approximate) increment on the gross salary(including everything viz. Grade Pay+ Pay scale + HRA+ TA+ DA etc).
    Which means if the total salary including everything is “x” in a particular year then what percentage of “x” will be the increase in the total salary next year.

    • The increment is on Basic Pay and Grade Pay Only. DA is calculated on sum total. HRA, TA etc are not linked to increment and it is requested that you may hence arrive at your own figures. The percent “x=3” is only on Basic+GP.But the fact is that DA increases by 15-20% per annum. The Net increase in salary is of that order.

  56. Sir,
    Thanks a lot for clarifying so patiently and promptly.
    You are doing a great job for the aspirants considering your busy schedule and engagements.
    I wish there were more people from different services like IAS IFS IPS etc., running websites like this to help students from different fields .

  57. hello Sir,
    I’m working as JTO in a telecom PSU for last 3 yrs. For career growth, i’m interested in IRSSE and I’m aiming for ESE 2014. I have few queries and i’ll be thankful to you if you answer them:

    1. I’m 26 yrs old, and if I’m able to crack ESE 2014, I’ll be 29 at the time of joining service. will the age factor greatly affect my prospects in promotions, seniority etc.? what highest post can I expect to reach.

    2. as alternate option, I’m considering other PSUs like BHEL, ONGC, NTPC wch offer better pay, growth. how much better is a career in IRSEE in comparison to Maharatna PSUs?

    3. in above posts, it’s written tht starting salary of IRSEE is 30K. as per my calculation, at 21000 basic (10% HRA, 72% DA, 1500 other allowance), it shd be min. 40K. pls tell what’s the actual gross salary in starting.

    4. in the ESE advt, one of the posts is JTO (GCS Grp B). how’s this post different from the one i already have? as I already hv 3+ yrs of experience as JTO and it will be 5+ yrs if I clear ESE 2014, will I get any advantage/disadvantage in the UPSC selection?

    pls advise. thanks.

    • We cannot answer all your queries but :
      1. You can go upto Senior Admin Grade in PB-IV, not possible to become HAG, DRM and GM in all probability.
      2. CG service Offers “Gazetted” status and most promotions and tranfers will mean change of role and responsibilities (ie variety) , unlike in most PSUs.
      3. You can make your own calculations based on pay structure and DA of 80%.
      4. We are not sure.
      Hope this helps you and the likes of You.

  58. Sir,
    In some of your above answers to different queries regarding the eligibility criteria in case of some engineering subjects you have posted that they are not permitted.
    But if I may, I would like you to refer to the ESE notification by the UPSC (also given below).
    After going through the following educational eligibility criteria it is clear the UPSC simply wants a candidate to have an engineering degree from a recognized institution. Degree can be from any discipline for appearing in any of the four different papers in the ESE(viz., E&T, MECH, CIVIL, EE).
    It mentions nothing about the match of disciplines(candidate’s engineering discipline) to the four examination papers.
    Of course a guy having an IT degree for any of the above four discipline if not comfortable.
    I just request to post your ideas regarding this and enlighten those in need

    (III) Minimum Educational Qualification:

    (a) obtained a degree in Engineering from
    a University incorporated by an Act of
    the Central or State Legislature in India
    or other Educational Institutions
    established by an Act of Parliament or
    declared to be deemed as Universities
    under Section 3 of the University
    Grants Commission Act, 1956; or

    (b) passed Sections A and B of the Institution
    Examinations of the Institution
    of Engineers (India); or

    (c) obtained a degree/diploma in Engineering
    from such foreign University/
    College/Institution and under such
    conditions as may be recognised by
    the Government for the purpose from
    time to time, or

    (d) passed Graduate Membership
    Examination of the Institute of
    Electronics and Telecommunication
    Engineers (India); or

    (e) passed Associate Membership Examination
    Parts II and III/Sections A and B
    of the Aeronautical Society of India; or

    (f) passed Graduate Membership Examination
    of the Institution of Electronics
    and Radio Engineers, London
    held after November, 1959.

    Provided that a candidate for the post of
    Indian Naval Armament Service (Electronics
    Engineering Posts) and Engineer, Gr. ‘A’ in
    Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing/
    Monitoring Organisation may possess any
    of the above qualifications or the qualification
    mentioned below namely:-

    M.Sc. degree or its equivalent with Wireless
    Communication, Electronics, Radio Physics
    or Radio Engineering as a special subject.

    • Please do research on the topic as it is difficult for working professionals who cleared the exam decades ago to do all this. If You can contribute, we will post on the site for benefit of the Aspirants.
      Best Wishes,

  59. Sir please tell me which one is better Junior engineer at MES or Assistant Manager in Coal INdia Ltd.???????? Please sir explain se bataye…???

    • ADSTE is not treated as an administrative officer. If he is part of Divl or Zonal HQ, he will have 5 day week, if in the field it is six day week. But like most jobs involved in train running, it is 24×7. But things get softened out as you grow. A new entrant should not be thinking of 5 day week and white collar as it will not give you long term job satisfaction..

  60. Sir, I was asking about preparation of IES exam. Actually right now I am assistant manager at CIL but I am not satisfied with this job due to some reseon and also not able to prepare myself for IES. Sir, actually it is impossible to crack IES in two month thats why I was thinking to switch myself in pure govt. secto at first like CPWD,MES,CWC as JE which is very easy for me. After joining their I was just asking can i prepare myself for IES. Please tell me sir…

    • You target things as per your self assessment, we cannot judge the relative merits of all those jobs nor it is the primary objective of this site. Pl talk to people working there and decide.Hope you understand.. bye.

  61. Hello Sir,
    I will be attempting IES exam in 2014 and i will be turning 22 in nov. 2013.
    I want to know whether I can move upto HAG grade in my career if clear the exam in 2014 at the age of 22. Generally after how many years of service, an IRSSE officer gets SAG grade and then HAG grade????

    • Recently 1988 Exam batch started getting SAG. The prospects for most Deptss are poor for SAG and HAG due to large batches in IRSS, IRSSE, IRSEE, to some extent IRSME, with the worst scenario for IRSEE (Electrical). It is taking on average 18-21 Yrs and in worst case ( say for IRSSE) it is taking 23 Yrs. Picture keeps changing based on previous intakes. Joining at at about 23-24 Yrs may just enable to become HAG too, depending on your rank and previous batches’ size.

  62. What do u mean by joining at 23 or 24???? I will be 23 by the time i will appear for interview……… joining starts from 1 year after interview or 2 years after interview???

  63. Sir,
    I will be graduating next year but i am attempting IES exam this year just for practice.
    I want to know whether I can take exam like this for practice and can there be any disciplinary action taken against me for taking exam without being a graduate???? It is said in the notification that candidates who clear written exam will be asked to submit their documents.and if they dont, then their admission will be cancelled. So I think there should not be any problem if I take exam this year and even if I clear exam I wont appear in interview. and then i would take exam next year after being eligible…..
    Please reply soon as the last date to apply is on 6 May, 2013…….

    • Not sure abt whether if those without a Degree can attend the Exam. Our USP is not in advising people on UPSC policies. Pl talk to ur seniors who had recently taken the Exam.

  64. sir,
    I am selected as a JE signal in railway. Is there any promotion chance in job if yes than what post i will get within 30 year carrier.

  65. Sir
    In the above post you mentioned “If You are a Diploma Holder its OK but if a Graduate the opportunities are not comparable to IRSSE”.

    1.Does that mean diploma holders JEs are have better opportunities than those having a B.Tech degree(a graduate)?

    2.Also up to what post a JE signal can reach in 30-35 years?

    3.Do the JEs(Signal) work under an ADSTE? If yes How many?

    4.Also it is said that an ADSTE leads a team of around 100 people. So I want to know what type of people are they? And what are their designations?


    • One has to compare apples with apples. Graduates tend to Compare themselves with UPSC recruits and hence it is not that attractive for them. But for Poly Technique or BSc wallahs the JE post is still a good deal.

  66. Thank you Sir for the clarification!!!
    But you didn’t answer my question 2, 3 and 4.
    Please do if you can.

  67. Hello sir,
    Can you compare IRSE and IRSSE ? I have heard IRSE people have more power and facilities right from the day of joining as compared to IRSSE people. Is it true? please comment !………………….. thanx in advance……………

    • IRSE is the first service in spirit as they were the only ones needed to lay tracks and the trains too were maintained by them. Even today they are the most broadminded among all Rail Services. Their nature of Job is both Labour and money oriented and their service is therefore definitely more rewarding than that of any other service. Off late there has been a weakening of the IRSE at top posts. BTW one cannot choose between IRSE and IRSSE as the criteria are different.

      • Thanq sir. I also want to know how fair the promotion process in railways is !, I mean are the promotions given purely on merit or the higher officials expect kickbacks ?? and also how difficult is it to get promoted? is it very difficult or can be achieved with decent effort ?

      • What you are hearing abt in media is abt may be 5% of the posts. By and large, it is by merit and by way of relations with immediate boss and the next one above. In human History, it never has been “performance alone” given the depravities of Human nature.

    • Since Track and Real Estate maintenance are more labour and cost intensive activities and are addressing the basic safety and amenity concerns of Travelling public and Freight customers, they are entitled to better job satisfaction. Just like Railways is a basic infrastructural provider for the Nation, Civil Engrs are the basic infra providers within Railways. Controlling Money or labour gives a lot of job satisfaction and has nothing to do with personal prosperity; there are perhaps many in other Depts in Railways who are more prosperous than many in IRSE. It is better to accept facts.BTW many in IRSSE even today believe that there would have been prospects for IRSSE under ME than in the present set up with the other equally starved group cutting the pie in their favor.

  68. Sri
    which of the following corresponds to least workload???

    Please clarify…


  69. During the training do the IRSSE trainees get full pay Pay scale+grade pay+DA
    or just the Pay scale+grade pay

  70. Sir
    In one your previous comments you referred IRSS as a white collar service.
    I didn’t know what that meant. That’s what was my previous query really for. I am sorry if I didn’t make myself clear.
    I am not the type to choose a career path depending upon the workload.
    I like IRSSE the most because of it’s involvement in daily train services…
    So I wonder if you would be so Kind as to clarify the term white collar service concerning Indian Railway Store Service or the IRSS.

    • It only was meant say that they ( IRSS) donot get a daily morning update on train running, donot have any Gears and assettes created or maintained by them that directly affect Operations/Safety and customers. Also they are involved in file pushing Desk Jobs and neednot attend any Emergencies or accidents by the very nature of their service. The comment was about the nature of Job ( White Collar) and not abt relative merits… In fact it may be well suited for Ladies and people with other issues about 24×7 kind of jobs.

      • good morning sir.i have qualified ies 2012 and likely to get railway signalling.presently i m working as scientist in isro.i am in dilemma what to do.i have heard that ADSTE is avery hectic job and u have to hear abuses of bosses.and u will be transferred in very small towns where no electricity and basic facilities are there.plz help me sir.

      • It is bit hectic but there will be some bad bosses. If you are A Scientist oriented one like bigger places always, irsse is not for You.

  71. resptd,sir what are the criteria to join a senior post (i.,AEN ,ASTE,DSTE,ADRAM,DRM GM etc)for electronic and communication engineering student in indian railway

  72. sir….
    i want to know for IRSSE which exam will be faced? and what is the exam date for upcoming day from 26th day of june 2013. please tell me as detail quickly as possible.
    THANK YOU…….

  73. Sir
    In one of the queries one student said that ADSTEs are placed in small town with no electricity and other facilities. Is it true??
    Because their are 69 divisions and not one one of their names looks like it is so backward that they won’t have electricity.
    Or do the ADSTEs not get placed in the divisional headquarters.?
    Where are they placed exactly???
    Please clarify.

    • Certainly not in the remotest villages without power but may not be in towns in some cases. You will enjoy the pleasure of being an Officer in a small town with a small group such as ADME, ADEN and ADMO and perhaps an Area Officer which cannot be matched by being in Divl Hqrs. After all it will be one or two years..

  74. Respected sir,I am in final year of My question is, if I am selected as irsse officer by ies then I am able to get leave for preparation of ias exam during training period?

    • Normally there is a resistance in Granting leave. Perhaps You can Manage doing Training. Just for Exam (CCS) it should not be a problem but not abt several months of Preparation.

  75. Hello sir my name is sadiq tabrez i heard that after selection and interview process there will be a total 3 years of traning period for irsse my question is 1.they will pay to the tranee(candidate) some amount every month in the traning period ? if yes then how much they pay?

    • The Training Period is 18 months and Total Probation is 3 Yrs. You get Full salary from Day one except may be HRA during 18 months of Training. Once Posted You will get Everything including a Metal Pass. Rly donot bother about Your Marital status and You are not Joining a missionary Organization. You only have to declare and now-a-days may be required to produce Certificate. They Normally permit Your staying out side of Hostels (during Training) if Married. Pl find out details from recent recruits.

    • I earlier clarified that You are normally allowed to hire house outside if married. This applies for 18 months only and there after You are Posted in Regular Functional job and there are no restrictions salary is on par with a posted ADSTE from day one. Iam not clear about HRA… IRSSE

    • @ Vivek …We dont think but We could Transfer bond from NTPC to Railways about 23 + Yrs back.. But Iam not sure if the same applies today …. Pl find out from Personnel Deptt of Railways ….
      – IRSSE

  76. Dear Sir,
    Could you please throw some light on the defence related services like Indian Naval Armament Service or Indian Naval Stores Service through ESE. I tried to clear SSB interviews but unfortunately couldnt do so. But i am passionate about joining Indian Navy. Is it really good to join as a civilian officer through ESE.How about the work nature and facilities. Kindly provide ur opinion.

  77. Sir,
    I am in final year of my B.E in ECE stream.I want to know ,actually what is expected from a candidate in final selection(Hardwork or Talent) .What are the various officer’s like qualities for getting into services.Does it matters that my academic record is not strong.

    • 80% talent and 20% hard work in our opinion. OLQs while be told when You become one. Grace,knowledge, Confidence, Braveness etc…

  78. Dear irsse , I am Pranav , 26 yrs old ECE graduate with 4 plus years experience Telecom industry [Public sector company].My father is a railway employee and i have serious aspirations for IRSSE and to make it happen i resigned my job and accelerated my preparations.I am targetting for 2014.My querys are
    1. I am color blind, will this be a disqualification for irsse.
    2. What about Indian railway stores service.(color blind is allowed here)?
    3.Please suggest what are the engineering service posts available for color blind people.
    4. Please also suggest link URL where i can find medical eligibility criteria for various services of Group A [where color blindness is not a concern]
    eager to know your comments

  79. i am btech IT graduate if i joined as je(signal & telecom)how long does it take to become grade a gazetted posts officer and how is the nature of job?

    • Well, You should have joined as at least SE. But then, even as JE after completing 5 YrsYou can appear for LDCE and get thro. Pl ask your Seniors.

    • How would we know ? If Dy. Collector is a Class-II post, it may be a better option because You have more Local Power ; whatever it means.

  80. sir, my brother iit roorkee (ece) graduated (22 years old) has got irps in railway from civil service exam and hoping to get irsse from from ese 2013 then please advice me which service beneficial for him

    • IRPS as it is a small service and More General ( more interaction with all Deptt officers and trade unions) as they are in charge of HR ( But without any real HR policy powers as all Policy and day to day decisions are taken by EXecutive Depts including IRSSE). If he is Technically inclined and likes to have opportunities after gaining adequate experience worldwide (if and when he chooses) and be involved with real train running, it is IRSSE. Let him take his own call.

  81. Dear Sir, I’v been selected as grade I officer in ONGC with basic pay of 24,900 and lots of other allowances.
    But now I’m confused whether to go for Engineering Service Examination or focus on current job.

    • More Money, slow (real) career progression ( Promotions without change in nature of Duties), Five star stays, no Decision making powers for atleast 15 Yrs after joining, shift duties, 15 days stays on shift in Sea based Platforms etc … Choose ONGC. Otherwise try Civil or Engg services as Central Govt Officers command higher respect than PSU (Execs- they are not Officers) at given point of time. ONGC can be option if You dont get a proper Central Gr-A Service. Salary will be lower even for a sub Collector (IAS starter) than E1 or E2 in PSU.

    • Sure , ONGC doesnt give You kind of exposure that any Main Engg Service can give You.. If you want a high salary go to Pvt Sector .. IRSSE

  82. Dear Sir, I am working in ONGC and earlier I was in a navratna company. I wish to join IRSSE but if everything gone right and if i join Railways in 2015 via 2013 exam..My age will be 30 years .having 3 years of PSU,s experience.
    Joining Group-A services at the age of 30 is worthy over PSU(which i don,t like)..????
    You know at this age family pressure to marry is also there..Is it possible to do marriage in training period…???

    • No one can stop marriages in a Gr-A career, but the no of Leave days may have to be cut down and as per old IRISET ( Training) rules You cannot keep spouse with You in Hostel but may get permission to hire a rented house. You may not get HRA. Pl talk to some new IRSSE Trainee officer or Working officer for better clarity.

      • @ Ravi CME is higher than DRM in grade but doesnt have any control over DRMs. If You Join after 28 to 29 the chances of getting HAG or HAG + may be meager. Our Opinion.May make Enquiry with IRSME guys.

    • You can marry but You may not get long leave … Also You will have to stay out of Hostels and hire a Home if U want to stay with spouse during 18 month training .. You also may not get proper Rest Houses being a Probationer and as ADSTE even after posting .. Its common for all Rly Services … IRSSE

      • I think I wiil be happy even if I got only one promotion in Gr.A services…becuase in ONGC I know I will get 6 promotions in my career..but of no value..My job nature will not change.. I am and will be getting a hectic salary but no administrative power(or simply no power).Is there any problem besides not getting promotion, in joining railways at the age of 30 ???
        and Please give your remark about my decision..Thanx

      • Sorry for the delay. I agree with You. Make sure that You are not age barred. You are likely to retire as SAG Chief ( Signal) Engr, which is a decent level.

  83. If You get thro and join at the age of 23 You will be SAG and have a good chance of Becoming DRM and perhaps HAG and and GM if everything goes well. But surprisingly people had been joining IRS— services at 21 and We fail to understand How ? It depends on how Yr generation parents were taking care of a better Govt prospects in future. In South/ East the DoBs are rarely manufactured for future.
    – Purely personal advice of IRSSE ( Talk to Your contemporaries too)

  84. hello sir my name is sadiq tabrez i m studying BE IN ECE dear sir i want to ask that can JE(junior engineer) of S&T department is allowed to appear for IES(UPSC) exam are not? because as the son of railway employee i can get the job of JE in S&T department based on my qualification and my thinking is that i can work as JE at the day time and i can prepair for IES at the night time and in other government holydays so is it possible sir ?

  85. Sir,
    Why is it that everyone chooses IRSSE/IRSS has first choices and not ITS/IOFS?
    I am interested in joining IOFS/naval armament service. Is there a serious disadvantage there that I should know of?

    • In our considered opinion ITS is a dead service… Abt IRSS cant comment but IRSSE is definitely better .. All Armament services are highly subservient to Military.. but if defending the Nation is Ur priority, you can go there… IRSSE

      • Sir,
        Why is ITS considered dead service?…Are the organizations like DOT, TRAI or TERM not good enough?. Considerable vacancies still come up in ITS.

      • A regulatory Agency can never give Adequate Opportunity , only Executive Agencies can.. If some one is interested moving files and other benefits they can do so ….

  86. sir, can any one get posted in delhi hq after training in irsse? i mean is there any chance that you can get posted in your home state, i can’t leave my home state( personal reason) so is there any chance that i can get posted in baroda house, new delhi HQ?

    • Answered similar Questions already.. Youth should Join Central Govt Jobs to see the entire country and expose their children to the “Taste of India” .. You will be rewarded in Long term. No IAS / IPS …… IRS— ensures Ur presence close to Delhi …

    • This is a corrupt way of thinking by some “youngsters” .. Never Join any Central Service if you are “Delhi” bound… The IRSSE is expected to serve the Railways and the Nation at large , not Your personal interests …. IRSSE

      • how is it corrupt? i was just curious because my parents are old and there is no one else to take care of them, and i can’t move them along with me from state to state that’s why i just asked. sorry if you got hurt by my question, i thought it was a “student career guide corner”.

      • Every Young man’s Parents are “old” for Biological Reasons. “Delhi Walonko Delhi me Rahne ka bahaana Chahiye “… Afterall Delhi is not the Only place with Good Medical facilities. Its Better such Peeople Join Gr-I services of their states… Career guide doesnot mean encouraging wrong thought processess that can take one astray … IRSSE

  87. sir i am joining irsse at age of 25 years.can i get grade of 67000-79000 as per sixth cpc at retirement time.what is the probability.can i become CSTE if not posting to different zone is done.

  88. The Exam is called by UPSC as CES … , then preferring IRSS may be to avoid field work. IRSME and IRSSE are a class apart from each other and the Forum Prefers IRSME, IRSSE , IRSE , IRTS, IRSE, IRSEE over IRSS just because they are involved in the Brain and Heart System of Railways .. But there may be many in other Deptts like IRAS, IRSS and IRPS but We are yet to come across someone at GM level or above … IRSSE

  89. Perhaps Minimum SAG and Maximum PHOD ( Called HAG ).. Unless the norms change no DRM/ GM or above not possible …. Also no pension like us, the Tendulkars of IRRSE ..only PSU like CPF scheme … No good but a reality .. Forget about Home zone for life time unless U have Extraordinary talent or ” Connections” and a bit of ” Yes Boss” in You … IRSSE

  90. You will not get pension .. But You may get something down the line as DRM/GM given Ur age profile.. Not sure though .. IRSSE

  91. what is the working profile of IRSSE? I mean what does an IRSSE officer really do (in technical context)…

  92. Sir,
    Can anybody preparing for Civil Service Exam get some time during training period. How much free time is left during the entire day training to do any preparation?

  93. dear sir, I know very clearly that irsse people are very talanted but somebody told me that irsse’s are totally dependent only on their salary, I failed to understand this. is it true? if yes then why they work in rly means no source of income from outside for irsse whereas condition is not similar for other department.

    • If You are searching for a Gold mine IRSSE is not for You …. But the gold mine can be there every where in a Gr-A service .. Use your judgement and dont allow money to take professional decisions … IRSSE

    • You ought to depend on your legitimate income.. but there are people who can squeeze oil out of sand … Work for the former … IRSSE

  94. thanks for your prompt reply & a lot of appreciation for your work of timely assistance to aspiring candidates, .. Good Work, Keep It Up & Best Wishes for the time ahead

  95. I have passed btech in punjab university and presently working in KALINDEE RAIL NIRMAN LTD as signal and telecom engineer.

  96. I am currently in my final year B Tech Electrical Engineering in IIT Kanpur and I am planning to go for ies in Electrical Engineering stream. One of the cons of these jobs that I am more concerned about is corruption. I hate corruption and don’t want to be a part of it. But I have heard that one has to be corrupt to survive in this system. Examples like Satyendra Dubey (Civil Engineering IIT Kanpur) who was assassinated for exposing corruption in NHAI put me in dilemma. Is there any job prospect through Electrical Engineering in ies that is suitable for people like me? (My question is not specific to irsse. But it would be of great help if you answer my question).

    • Corruption lies at heart and not in individual acts .. It is equally prevalent in Pvt services in the form of Nepotism, exploitation and harassment in workplace … Take your own call .. It is easier to fight it in Central Govt … IRSSE

  97. I have passed my engg. Degree in electronic and communication.
    I want to know that whether the question asked in junior engineering exam of railways are from the same branch as the applicant or from different branch ?
    Also reply me the same for the senior section engineer of railway .

  98. Sir, I have been detected partial colour blindnees. Am I eligible to be a signal engineer?

  99. Sir, Presently I m working in a telecom PSU n targeting ESE 2014. By the time I join IRSSE I would be above 31 years.
    What would be the pros n cons of joining Gr ‘A’ service at this age?
    Does age plays an imp role in career progression?
    Do I need to reconsider my decision of joining IRSSE; due to this fact?
    If u cud throw some light, on this I wud b vry grateful. Thankx in aticipation.


    • At your age You will be at a TOTAL disadvantage , but it may still be better your Present Job… Pl Take your own call and talk IRSSE Juniors … IRSSE

  100. Hi.. I want to know in irsse on what basis they give joining location after completion of training.. Do they ask for choice.. Do they give transfer to girls to their preferred city on marriage ground

    • Dear Young Maam,
      Once You Join a Service in Govt You have to get prepared to work anywhere or sacrifice your Professionalism…. IRSSE

    • Sir
      What o you mean by TOTAL disadvantage…
      does it mean if someone joins at 31 he won’t get Group A salary and other facilitties….

      • He will get all promotions and salary but will retire in a lower grade than his colleagues due to age.

  101. i am a final year student of ece, placed in an IT company. i want to drop out an year after the completion of the course and write the engg services exam in 2015. i am really interested in IRSSE. so is dropping out nd preparing solely for CES exam a good idea? or will it be too risky? should i join the IT company i am placed in instead and prepare parallelly?

    • You appear to be a Lady and IRSSE is not ideally suited for Ladies though there a abt 10% lady officers.. It will be better if You can manage leave of abt two months. Even now You can spare an Hr or two every day to revise.

    • Small question needing a long answer. Pl go and meet an ADSTE near by, your Station master can give You the details.
      – IRSSE

  102. Respected Sir ,
    First of all i would like to appreciate you for the efforts u are taking to help all the aspirants .
    I am a 23 year old , (ECE) passout of 2013 . I had prepared (coaching ) for GATE ,and IES in 2012-2013 and got AIR -1184 (GATE – 2013). Initially i didnt have much liking for IES . I dropped an year to study for GATE-2014 for a better rank .Unfortunately (though results haven’t yet declared) , i dont think the result will be better .
    Also in jan 2014 (on the basis of GATE-2013 score) I was called for interview and later was selected as “site engineer ” in RAIL VIKAS NIGAM LIMITED , in signal & telecom (S & T) department – site job , contract basis (initially for 1 year extendable to 3 and 5 years) . The place of posting will be in West Bengal / Odisha most probably , and remuneration will be Rs. 27K (consolidated)

    I have following queries and it would be great if you answer me please :-

    1) Is it difficult to work on site , i mean are there any health , life risk related issues ?

    2)I want to prepare for IES-2014/2015 (now that i have started liking it 😛 )….so will it be better to join RVNL (joining may come in april end or may) or join (august )and prepare for ES ??

    3) I have a very high myopic power (-10 or more)…will i be disqualified in medical ?? even if , i go for surgery ??

    4) If possible can you tell how much salary one gets in training period ?

    5) What is the hierarchy of posts – means in how much duration one will be promoted and upto what designation ?

    6) Is IRSSE job full of transfers – can it be fixed at one place (delhi , if possible ) ? how much transfers will/can be done in the job??

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    • 1. RVNL job will give You exposure to Railway Signalling and may help You switch Companies if You really Learn the Subject. it is likely to be Taxing too.
      2. You may not get adequate time for UPSC Exams
      3. Regarding Eyes, though not sure, it can be an issue in IRSSE.
      4. Transfers are part of all Railway Gr-A jobs. Very few manage to stick to a place by not so fair means.

  103. Sir If I appear in IES 2014 in June ,the interviews for written qualified candidates is scheduled for December,when is the tentative time of final joining in the service(say IRSSE)?

    • Normally Between Nov’15 and Feb 2016. WE cannot be taken as a career guide though.. Have Ur own interaction with local Officials in IRSSE …

    • “Choti Cheejonse apni Career mat Chuniye..” Rlys have a referral system for serious health issues but You have to be within the system ( Rly Hospitals) for other less serious ailments .. Why is health bothering You at this age ? Rly Medical standards are reasonably high for Tech Deptts for recruitment .. IRSSE

  104. Sir,
    I have a stammering problem. I am confident that I will clear the written exam. Will my stammering have an effect on my interview? Will I lose out on an opportunity to get into the prestigious Indian Engineering Services because of my speech impediment?

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