Policy Circulars

Links for Downloads :

 SAG and Above Promo Policy (includes  SS, JA and SG)

 No LCs in Future Major Works Jan-12

New Circular on Handing over of Assettes to Openline (Dec-11)  

BPAC Compulsory with Central Panel 2003



Custom Config for IPS (Combination of Modules) June-2011

MF_Earthing_RDSO   18-8-11.

IPS Drawings Ten Types SCR

LC_gate Interlocking and Eqpts_Policy_2010


Laptops for officers 30-3-2011

Strengthening of Fld Units : SOP 2009

SOD Para 8 Reference to RB By SCR

LED Signal Procurement  Policy

Empowerment of Field Organization

Procurement of Cables

Standard IPS Drgs

JPO on protection of cables : RB

Information of Awarded Contracts on Net 2007

RE standards in Non RE Wks : RB

Inter Zonal Staff Transfers : RB 2006

Board ACD Vs TPWS Policy

ACD TPWS Board Policy

2.  Laptops RB Policy 2006

3. Type of Installation RB Policy ( PI/ EI/RRI) 2006

4. Policy on Airconditioning of S&T Installations : 2006


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