Norms GM/DRM


1. First Comphrehensive Circular ( Defing that all Gr-A except RPF are eligible for GM)

2. First Amandment;  Undue Dominance Defined ( Max 6 Posts for any service) apart  from Others

3. Six GMs for any Service Redefined as 37.5% of GMS and DG/RSC, GM/Core and OSD/Kapurtala added

4.  Minimum Two year Tenure added

5. Age at empanelment modified to 58 Yrs from 56 to match with above.

6. Year of Exam  Batch Defined

7. In Interse Seniority HAG to be placed above SAG.

DRM NORMS : Will be posted Soon

5 comments on “Norms GM/DRM

    • Hope so. One is in seat another is almost certain to become GM (you know who). In fact when 197-88 batches were in probation there were three GMs.

      and GM/CORE from IRSSE.

      – IRSSE

  1. We certainly do not wish to send 87-88 batch again on probation, but do hope that they will see S&T cadres having GMs more than that.

    • After the DoPT decision that even one CR “Good” in qualifying 5 yrs will make the officer in eligible for Admin Grd Promotions, everyone is on Probation all the time. Boss is ven more powerful than ever before. Haan Haan
      – IRSSE

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