1. About IRSSE

IRSSE stands for Indian Railway Service of Signal Engineers , an Organized Gazetted Government service of the Government of India.

The incumbents are selected by the Union Public Services Commission, the apex gazetted recruitment body of the Goverment of India. The examination consists of CESE ; all india written test followed by interview for selected candidates. Based on the marks obtained, a choice can be made to join this service. It has been common in the past 20-25 years for toppers from ECE stream of CESE  to join this service.

This site is created by  the members of this service with a view to creating public awareness about this important service responsible for safe and speedy train travel and creating user friendly Passenger information systems and public interfaces.





153 comments on “1. About IRSSE

  1. These are just open questions. Anyone can answer and idea is to keep a healthy debate so people are aware what is happening in Indian Railway and freshers can understand

    Why Indian Railway Signalling so complex interms of unique signaling rules for every zone.

    Why there is no effort to create standardization of rules across all 16 zones

    How many Signalling designers are working in Indian Railways. Why Indian Railway continues to outsource design of interlocking to outside contractors.

    This is a great site. Good Job!

  2. hi ..this is rahul rawat &&&&&
    i want to know …job scope of electronics engineer in railwaysssss…pls tell me about …it

      • Sir,
        I am from mechanical stream. My query :

        Do the engineers ( those who crack IES ) get a car with ‘Laal Batti’ on it (as is the case with an IAS) ?

        I am very eager to know. Please reply. That would be a great help.

        Krishna Sharma.

      • Krish Sharma : Lal Bathi GM level ke Baad Aati Hai. Batti keliye nanhin kam Dham Karne keliye Rlys Join Karna.. Varna Pvt Sector theek hai, in terms of money and other privileges. Not so better when it serves pink slips.though…

      • Thanks for the reply sir. By the way this  ‘Laal Batti’ thing is just for motivation . I tell u my situation, I’ve joined a very reputed private firm as I wanted to learn more & fully utilize my skills. I had a chance to join Maharatna & Navratna companies, but i refused as I had already seen the working environment & culture there during internships. Now while working I realise that my skills are just being used by a company with the sole aim of making profit, I am not doing anything considerable for the nation. As i don’t want to join PSUs ( & love engg. that’s why not preparing for IAS), so i am looking forward to IES, but some part of my brain still want to work there looking at good salary and growth perspective. So i am just searching the means to motivate myself ( laal batti thing being one of them).

        Sir I am from Mechanical stream, please clarify my following doubts….. 1) could you please provide me the hierarchy of various posts and facilities included with them? 2) what are the departments and posts that provide Laal Batti and other higher order benefits ? 3) How much time does it take to be a GM ?

        Thanks in advance.


      • Dear Krish. Sharma..

        A lot of lal Battis You see in State Govt vehicles are against the law in this regard and public hate them. As for your Mechanical steam issue You can opt for IRSME and not IRSS since there is no Engg there ( no disrespect for IRSS but a fact). P gothro the top structure at http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/view_section.jsp?lang=0&id=0,1,304,305

        Below that

        PhoDs ( 30 Yrs Plus) DRMs ( 52 Plus)
        Chief Engrs SAG, Joint Secy (20 Yrs Plus) Branch officer (8 yrs Plus upto 20 Yrs)

        Senior scale and Junior scale ( Direct Gr-a with 2-8 Yrs)

        Supervisors ( Non Gaz having staff strength from 10- 200)

        To my knowledge most dont qualify for Lal or Blue batti. pl go thro State Govt websites.

  3. IRSSE has very less representation in General posts.

    What then is the normal career path of an IRSSE officer ?


  4. We reading your comments. We have some ideas.

    1. Get data about inequalities in allotment of Gen Posts particularly ADRM,DRM, GM and Member.
    2. Get opinion in favor of legal option
    3. Make an open appeal in the meanwhile
    4. No action normally expected from above
    5. go to CAT as a group and seek justice

    We continue to as we do better and await Justice.

    This is not cricket, you cannot engage a runner.

    Pl keep commenting.


  5. Despite all your claims as to how great IRSSE is, I want to ask you why do indian railways suck big time? What makes them dumb enough so that they are not able to develop an anti-collision device despite India losing thousands of life every year? Recently heard they have asked US of A for those devices. So what are you guys upto in that apex institute?

    • We normally wouldnt like to respond to disrespectful comments but then :

      We as insiders donot think our organization sucks, it serves. It carries millions at one fourth the price any other medium could do and pays interest to GoI every year for all the amounts received as “grant” in the last several decades , no other Deptt in GoI pays interest.

      ACD is not a device but a fancy gadget promoted by the CEO (a civil Engr) by a non performing corporation called KRC in connivance with Kernex micro systems and a big failure. GPS is controlled by defence Ministry of USA and most signal Engineers donot want its deployment. All signalling equipment (Electronics) have to meet Safety norms partcularly be SIL-4 compliant. KRC is unable to prove this. Instead of turning this loss making company around Konkan Railway is concentrating on side business of ACD and spreading wrong image about Railways.

      The answer lies in TPWS. Please read the article and be informed @ https://irsse.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/tpws-or-acd-the-debate/

  6. Operating DG post is of no use unless he directly reports to CRB and has his quota of DRMs, ADRMs which may not be the scenario.

    There is danger of Other Depts equating us with IRMS or RPF (headed by DGs) and deny posts of DRM/ADRM and GM.

    Member C&IS is good idea. These things need a political committment also. If anyone has such channels they can get the issue raised in Parliament. … IRSSE

    • See, the DG/RPF and DG/MS have their cout and do directly report to CRB. So does the DG/RSC-BRC for that matter. The very first advantage is that you get a unified command instead of lines getting divided between AM/Sig & AM/Tele.

      We may rally with the powers to continue with our existing quotas in DRm & ADRM and trying for the GMs posts.

      Member-C&IS is an idea.that is not only GOOD, it is EXCELLENT and needs to be stick to. This will not only get a Members’ post to S&T, but will ensure getting the works of Networking and related items and ultimately, the whole IT related works to S&T’s responsibility – if they are rady to accept it.

      It will have organisations like RAILTEL, NETRAIL-being proposed, IRPMU etc reporting to it, and possibly CRIS also very soon.

      Comeon…, Go………….S&T…………..Go

    • Member-C&IS is the best description and is also the best action for Railways as well as the IRSSE. Specially because it will command the Signal, the Telecom & IT – all the current happenong thing in the modern technological world – and in the Railways. IRSSE needs to advertise very heavily about how many posts in General cadre – like GM/AGM/CSO/DRM/ADRM/CPRO/CM-IT/Secretery/Jt.Secretery etc. are owned by all the departments, and why the S&Tite are lagging in that.
      Its high time……JAGO – S&T – JAGO…..

  7. What are the carrer growth option for Railway store services ?
    Does promotions in Railway signal services faster than Railway store services?

  8. hi,

    What are the benefits and salary for a fresh IRSSE engineer ? (would be great if you mention CTC also)

    i’ve been hearing so many things… not sure of those… here are some….

    1.They get around 36k in hand
    2. good house and servants ..
    3.same facilities like an IAS officer except security………..

    please help us in this…

    they are so many people like me preparing for IES, this information will boost out interest…



  9. I am a student of IIT DELHI and I want to know the exact details of facilities an IRSSE officer gets at the time of recruitment.How big bungalow he gets,does he get a vehicle with light,peons etc.? In which cities he gets posted ?
    Is the status and facilities of IRSSE officer comparable to civil services like IAS.IFS,IRAS etc.?

    • @ Sahil,
      Each member has about 14 posts and all of them of Member (mechanical) go to IRSME. While ML Member (Electrical) also gets the same number but for some reason IRSSE officers get only about 4 posts.

      Perquisites :

      First 6-8 years no special benefits except a quarter of about 1200-1400 sft. A vehicle may be there.
      8-20 years a quarter of 1400- 2000 Sft depending on place and Railway you get. Normally an official vehicle and a Bunglow Peon. No light is permissible. Posting can be anywhere all over India

  10. After how many years an IRSSE officer gets next payscale( pb 4)?

    In how much time an IRSSE officer becomes DRM ?

    Does he get posted in villages also or always in atleast districts?

    sorry i have been asking too many questions but actually i am too confused about my future whether to go in public sector or private sector

    • PB-IV about 12-14 Years after Joining and including Probation. Becoming DRM depends on Your age profile and one is likely to become DRM if Joins at abt 22-23 Yrs age. The average age of DRMs is about 51-52 Years.

    • Transfers are relatively frequent avg three to 4 years but in bigger places like Metros the transfers are between posts often than places. It it 9 to 5 normally except during inspections and Emergencies and accidents. In the beginning of career Night calls due to Failures and detentions are not uncommon.

  11. Is posting at the time of recruitment completely random?Dont they ask me for my preference order? Dont I get get preference on the basis of my All India Rank?

  12. @sahil: you can give choice for zone at the time of recruitment ,which will be allocated based on vacancies and All India Rank. But its random to allocate division in the zone you get.

  13. What kind of work an IRSSE officer gets to do technical or managerial? If it is technical then what sort of technical work?

    @satya : If you are an IRSSE officer may I have your contact no or email id?

    • Both Sahil and Piyush

      The IRSSE is a gazetted service. The job is is Techno Managerial and each post is different. As regards exam and eligibility we may not be in a position to guide as we went thro the exam several years back.

      If you had fared well in GATE you can be sure of doing well in UPSC CES Exam.

  14. I read somewhere that a person with eye lens power more than 4 is not eligible for railways engineering services. A friend of mine has eye lens power 3.5 spherical and 0.75 cylindrical.He wants to know whether he is eligible for railway mechanical engineering services.

  15. Sir, what is the career progression of an IRSSE officer and where does it end…? Can an IRSSE probationer of age 25 years on joining date become DRM/GM in his last yrs of service?

    • It depends on the ages of your seniors and your own age vis-a-vis them and your position in batch. If you join at 23 Yrs, the chances are very high. At 25 you may not become GM/DRM but will be able to go upto CSTE (a post higher than DRM) within the Deptt.

  16. Sir, is it possible to go on a study leave during the job? If one wants to do an MBA with 4-5 years of job experience as an IRSSE officer, does the work experience contribute to a good application, and do the services encourage such a step?

      • Thank you for replying sir.What about the job experience as an IRSSE officer, is it considered good for an MBA application according to you? and do such pursuits for further studies transform in greater share of responsibility/promotions once you rejoin the organization after a study break?

  17. also, what is the duration of probation period when you join IRSSE from ECE stream?? sorry for bothering you with this many questions

  18. Can we switch our cadre from irsse to irss and vice versa later..or even during training?

  19. Wa-Alaikum-As-salam,
    What is the work profile in IRSS..what store work is being done?

    • IRSS looks after Procurement of Materials which is called Material Management Deptt in other Organizations. They donot have a direct role in Train Operations/ Project Mnagement. Mostly Office Oriented.

  20. hi
    I am IIT-Delhi student I am getting a package of 9 lakh per year in Qualcomm company. I am confused whether I should go for IRSSE? Which one is better? what is CTG for an IRSSE officer in the starting.

    • We donot have a solution ; the Choice is between a Govt service and Pvt Sector. Govt even today pays poorly but gives lot of job security and some respect ( esp Central services) in society.

      While most of us in IRSSE want better returns within Rlys, we donot envy Pvt Sector. Individual should take the last call.

  21. if any one join irsse in age of 33 yrs as departmental candidates (for age relief), then what is his job profile i.e. his growth upto what post?

    • He will go upto SAG but with any Joining age beyond 23 Yrs one cannot think of Getting relatively attractive Posts like DRM/GM. Upto 25 Yrs Joining one can think of HAG before Joining.

    • The Starting Gross pay may be about 4 Lacs and CTC about 6 Lakhs. It goes up Steeply after You get SG ie Selection Grade (12 Years) to Gross Pay of Rs. 10 Lacs and CTC of 15-20 Lacs (depending on place).
      – IRSSE

  22. Dear Sirs
    Does the IRSSE have a Librarian – Archivist who keeps or knows where old records are stored? If so I would welcome his address. Why? In order hopefully to find some record of my Grandfather, Henry Lee, who was one of the first Telegraph Inspectors of the East India Railway starting in March 1857. He moved about several times as the line was built to Delhi and eventually retired to Mussoorie where he died in 1915.
    Yours hopefully, Patrick Lee (Retired major general, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)

    • IRSSE is a Central Govt Service and is not a group. It was constituted Post Independence in Indian Railways after its Formation as a Single Organization. There is no such Organizational set up as You are seeking for keeping info about past Officers except Railway Board which may be having only post Independence Information of IRSSE officers.

  23. dear sir,
    is there any scope of doing M.tech after getting into the job? will that be sponsored or do we have to take a leave ? will normal salary be continued or withdrawn ? if they sponsor engineer for higher studies , what institution do they have for that ?
    sir please reply.

    • It is called study leave (with full salary and sometimes even sponsoring) but is very Difficult to get. No extra benefit for doing PG either. In normal course it a leave/ Loss of Pay.

  24. dear sir,
    my eye sight is -4.5 and -7 for right and left eye. no color blindness.will I be allowed for a post in IRSSE.
    If i go through an operation and correct my eyesight …. will that be useful?

  25. Gud Evening sir,

    I am praveen and i want to know that i am completed MBA in PG and BCA in Graduation.i want to job in Railway so what should to me for geting the railway job and which types of exam should to give for geting the jobs in railway.plz suggest me,

    • Rarely depending on Job. After abt 20 yrs service , nowadays a mandatory training being done for two weeks in Singapore and Kaualampur.

  26. Dear Sir,
    Is IRSSE equal to IRSE, IRSS etc in case of promotions and posts like DRm GM etc because I saw in this site that IRSE having more posts and still now only 1987 batch got sag and shud I give ITS more preference over IRSSE (like power, promotions, fecilities etc) in IES? Pls revart back to me sir. Thanking you.

    • It is not about paper eqaulity. on paper all Rly Services except RPF are equal. In terms practicality, the Present day scenario is as follows:
      1. IRTS, IRSME, IRSE
      2. IRSE
      3. IRSSE
      4. IRAS, IRPS
      5. IRSS

      This is just a considered personal opinion of the site not a Policy Stmt of Rlys.


  27. hi sir, what is the qualification required to write the entrance exam for
    2. IRSE
    3. IRSSE
    4. IRAS, IRPS
    5. IRSS
    Exams please suggest me
    my age is 24
    qualification is inter

    thank your

    • Minimum for Civil Services like IRAS, IRPS and IRTS is any Graduation. For Engg Services it is Engg Graduation in the related Discipline.
      – IRSSE

  28. sir,m a cse student applied for sr signal engineer post,so can u help me by giving me a right path how to prepare??

  29. Sir , I am pre final year engineering student with Information Technology branch . I want to know that can I appear for IES and give exam of ECE branch . I am asking this because in the advertisement of IES exam, specified qualification is degree in engineering or equivalent .
    Also will I be able to opt for IRSSE , in case i secure a satisfactory rank .

    • RPF Doesnt Protect Officers or Staff but assettes. In Bad sections like Assam and JnK etc You get Them in Danger Prone ones. Purely to be treated as as a matter of Function/ Safety and not a issue of ” Status” attached to any post. Officers should be interested in Job Profile than Security Guards etc. You Dont get them as a routine.

    • You may get it at Very Senior Levels in RLY GR-A Services ie 30+ yrs. Better Forget abt such things.
      Pay Scale parity with IAS and IFS (Foreign) n Job natures are not comparable. Consult a Rly Professional.

  30. Dear Sir,
    For the freshers, salary Starts about Rs.25 to 30 K and after about 12 Yrs it will be about Rs 1 L to 1.5 L.
    So is there no increment till 12 years after joining. ??
    I mean to say, will person receive 25 – 30k till 12 yrs????

  31. sir just for irsse1.when seperate post of member of s&t would be placed 2.does irsse has less powers than. irse,irsme,irsee 3,,.whether iirse or other get more budget or facilities than irsse

    • Question Vague. No of Employees only indicates how much more Labor oriented that field is. It doesnot determine the importance of ADSTE/ ADME as they have distinct roles; both important.

  32. Hi,
    Currently i am working in a company which is an autonomous body of central gov.Do my service get added if i join Engineering Services.I am 27 now,to which post i reach to when i retire..

  33. Sir
    I am selected for IRSS in ESE 2011 (likely to join in December 2012). My Rank is 31.My age is 27.I belong to General Category. Whether I will become DRM in my service?
    Thank you

  34. What is the age decided for the post of DRM in the Indian railways……..????
    Pls reply sir….

  35. Hello Sir..I’m alik. ECE, 2010 pass out, preparing for IES. I wanted to know what rank should be enough to get IRSSE (general category). And what will be the starting salary and facilities I shall get in IRSSE?
    Thank You 🙂

    • Starting salary will be around 30K with Qtrs Passes etc. you should look for long term. The Exam is reasonably tough particularly if U are from General category.

      – IRSSE

    • can Work on Deputation. there is no such thing as fast promotions. Your Designation keeps changing in Railtel. In Railways, higher designation brings in higher responsibility.

  36. You have said in a previous comment that the salary hike every year is 15-20%.IS it for gross salary or the basic salary?

  37. Dear Sir,

    I have a spectacles with -8.0D. Should I apply for IES ? I am in final year Electronics and Communication branch.
    Is Laser correction allowed?

  38. Hello sir,I am working for isro from 03-2012.So if i join as an IRSSE ,whether my service here will be counted there for promotion if i come through proper channel

  39. Hi Sir ,
    How performance matters in the promotions in the railways , Does yearly increments is fixed or it will also count performance .


  40. Sir, I have gone through all queries posted by various members. you have replied it so meticulously and religiously. I am impressed. great going.

  41. HI SIR,
    my query is that unfortunatly i couln’t mention in DETAILED APPLICATION FORM about my current job at time of filling but i inform my department.
    so i should fill my current job detail in ATTESTATION FORM at time of joing or not..

    • At least Those days UpSc was not bothered and most even didnt inform psus. PSUs also never objected and transferred bonds if any.. Some instructions were there at that time..IRSSE

  42. Sir
    I can take IES exam 2014 in electrical as well as Electronics and telecommunication.. Which would offer better prospects for future in railways in terms of promotions and share in general posts??? IRSEE or IRSSE??

  43. Sir i am an IES aspirant .I want to know how are zones allotted in Railway Services (IRSSE) ?Do they take UPSC rank as the only criteria or a combination of UPSC marks and training marks ?And if one does not gets an desirable zone, how many years does one have to wait for zone change ?

    • Zones were allotted in our times based on UPSC ranking and Choices of individual Officers. Deptl Exams will help You upgrade your Rank but it will not have a role in deciding a Particular Place/ Zone as that will be decided within a few months of Ur Joining. We are not aware if there has been any major change in this approach.. Pl talk to new IRSSE officers… post 2010… one major difference is that the recent inductees will not have Govt. pension advantage….

      – IRSSE

      • What if one does not gets an desirable zone, how many years does one have to wait for zone change ?

      • No time Limitation to our knowledge except NF Railway. If You are allotted there You need to serve 10 years an if You are transferred there after being allotted another Railway, the time limit is Just three years. We are not sure if similar policy exists for other un preferred Zones.. IRSSE

  44. Is there any chances for any IRS officers to be put on deputation to foreign countries for training or something like that..??
    I heard one of my friend’s brother IRSE had been put on deputation to US by Indian Railways for training….

    • You first Join a Company like IRCON/RITES and the company will decide where to send You or keep You in India. Sometimes Advts may come directly for Foreign deputations, but We have not heard of US Depu..

  45. 1.Please let me know whether CME is a higher post or DRM?
    2.And when a person joins in IRSME at his 27th year …,
    can he will become HAG/HAG+ ?

    • You can choose but You are not assured of it. , Intial posting will be as per merit/ Reservation but You have to Roam around the country there after unless You compromise Yourself for a life time .. IRSSE

  46. sir PH categary candidate ko close to hometown posting milne ka criteria hai ya nahi…….iske alawa promotion me PH categary candidate ke liye extra previleges hai kya ?

    • Mere Khayal se IRSSE may there is no “Quota” or even a chance to get into any Engg Service in Rly. Those who think of Home town should look at other Avenues … We can makemoney by even selling Onions .. Railway Service is different ….

    • To my knowledge most Gr-A services in IR are not accessible to Differently Enabled.. as You have walk along the track and do foot plate inspection …IRSSE

  47. If I get northern railway……..do they consider my hometown while allocating division??? I want to stay near Delhi…even if initially I dont get Delhi division….after how many years will I be posted in delhi at higher post…. Do the transfers also take place among different divisions within a allocated zone????? or once u r posted in particular division , u get stuck there????

  48. What is the exact inhand monthly salary one gets in IRSSE(ECE) and what r the compensations and benefits people get in railways at present?These things have been discussed earlier in discussion but they r very old data.I wanted latest one to know the current monthly salary in railways.

  49. Sir I am a graduate from ece , But I am confident that I can crack ESE in electrical stream also.please guide me which service having edge in railway IRSEE or IRSSE.

    • As of now IRSEE offers slightly better openings but both are equally saturated services .. In the information era we cannot say as to what will be the scenario in future … take ur own call .. If You are not joining before 22 yRS OF AGE , IT WOULD BE A LEVELLER.. IRSSE

  50. If the Question is not clear the answer will not come .. We answered such questions already … You are Differently enabled … IRSSE

  51. Sir,I’ll be an IRSSE is der any type of security or guard given when I am going back home during training vacation and what type of house I should get after training…..
    Is faclities given to IRSSE is equivalent to IAS as both are the top class job offered by UPSC

  52. Hi
    I know people who joined PSUs like IOCL,ONGC. They get salary around 65k p/m .
    I read in your blog that in IRSSE one gets around 30k p/m ?
    What will be the IRSSE p/m salary after 10th pay scale commission ?
    PSU is providing really attractive perks like 80k joining bonus for furniture, 55k bonus for laptop,etc etc? What kind of perks does IRSSE provide?
    Does the posts in IRSSE have more reputation than PSU posts?
    I am currently working in a software MNC with CTC 10lakh, but not satisfied with the work culture here

    please do reply elaborately

    • I worked in NTPC before Joining IRSSE .. Its not about salary but with pride and CTC… There are many Privileges that Rly Gr-A services have.. Its not abt Money at All…. IRSSE

  53. What is the difference between CES and IES?
    I comments also you mentioned you can get into IRSSE after clearing CES?
    And I believe this can also be achieved through IES?
    So whats the difference?

    • Keep following UPSC Advertsements in Papers and also visit their Official site forany notifications from time to time. It is called ” Combined Engg Services Exam” not IES.

  54. 1). No pension ? if i choose department other than railway, will i be getting pension?

    2). what are chances that i will have to serve in north east in my 35 year duration… is probability high ?

    3). can i spend weekend with my family or is it too busy ?

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