Info Reg Engg Services Exam 2014

Though the Purpose of this site is not about giving information abt how to get into the Gr-A services. Due to frequent Queries we are  posting some information :

UPSC Notification Latest : 


Notification of Engineering Services Examination, 2014 which was
due to be notified on 15.03.2014 will now be notified on 22.03.2014. The
date of the examination will remain unchanged i.e. 20th June, 2014.

-Source UPSC website

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Sorry for the Silence of a few Months … An update..

1. HAG orders of 4 1980 Exam batch IRSSE are issued  as follows  ( Belated) :
1. Mehaboob Ali… CSTE/C/SCR as CSTE/SCR
2. Lakshminarayana … CSTE/SWR ( CHOD) as CSTE/SWR (HAG)
3. N. Kasinath … CSO / SER CSTE/Metro
4. LP Sinha ( same batch) … CSO/SER in SAG vice Sl No.3
5. SP Trivedi , Retained in WCR as PHOD (Adhoc) , earlier CHOD in WCRImage