5 GMs are Posted , 4 in O/Line and one in ICF …

S/Sh. Navin Tandon IRSEE- SEC
P K Shrivastava  IRSEE- SC
A K Agarwal, IRSME ICF
R Vishnoi- IRSME ,ECoR
Hemant Kr,  IRSME – WR


Their Seniority and other Details  …

NAVIN TANDON, IRSEE, (DOB-01.01.1956 & DITS-01.03.1978) .. SEC
P. K. SHRIVASTAVA, IRSEE, (DOB-27.06.1955 & DITS-25.10.1977) .. SC
A. K. RAWAL, IRSEE, (DOB-06.03.1955 & DITS-09.11.1977)  .. Eliminated
HEMANT KUMAR, IRSME, (DOB-08.11.1956 & DITS-15.12.19978) …. WR
RAJIV BISNOI, IRSME, (DOB-23.07.1956 & DITS-12.02.1978) .. ECoR
A. K. AGRAWAL, IRSME, (DOB-17.06.1956 & DITS-15.03.1978) .. ICF



Sub:   Transfer order of Shri T M Sridhar, SAG/IRSSE , Shri  Neelabh
Mahesh, SG/IRSSE,  & Shri Hari Om Kushwaha, SG/IRSSE.

As per recently issued Transfer Orders of RB the following were the Changes : 
Transfer order of Shri T M Sridhar, SAG/IRSSE now Working in Chennai Metro back to SR, , Shri  Neelabh Mahesh, SG/IRSSE from IRPMU to RDSO,  & Shri Hari Om Kushwaha, SG/IRSSE from SR to RDSO /LKO .. IRSSE

Recent IRSSE SG/SAG orders …