Recent Other Changes in IRSSE

1. Shri Asheesh Kumar Saxena, SG/IRSSE/RDSO is tranferred to NCR as per orders issued on 17-010-13 , today..

2. Sh. RVB Babu joins as CSTE/PnP / SR  vice Shri  Naresh Saini trnsferred to NCR  (0n 15-10-13), Sh. Saini is expected to Join as CSE/NCR on Monday. No Floating as of now in SR.


IRSSE’99 gets SG wef January…

As per Today’s Railway Board orders IRSSE’99 gets its SG wef Jan’13. Enjoy, Buy gifts/ Gadgets from Arrears and save money from salary (now being in SG) for future because the only two benefits are PB-IV and AC First Class.

Congrats to all Beneficiaries.