Rail-gate: CBI summons railway officers with files ??

NEW DELHI :  Only two of the five Railway Ministry officials summoned by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) could be interrogated on Monday with regard to the cash-for-job scam busted by the agency on May 3.

Before interrogating former railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal on a questionnaire readied from probing of the accused, including his nephew, the CBI is trying to ascertain the procedure followed in carrying out the top appointments.

The Railway Ministry officials, who were summoned because of the role they play in the top appointments, were asked to come with all the files on the senior-level appointments in the past since the tenure of Mamata Banerjee as the railway minister.

“We want to understand how the railway transfer and posting system works before questioning Bansal,” a top CBI official said.

He said some officials who were in regular touch with Vijay Singla, the nephew of Bansal arrested for allegedly taking a bribe of Rs 90 lakh, to help arrested Railway Board member Mahesh Kumar in his promotion, were also being interrogated. “We want to understand how deep were hands of Singla in the Railways,” the official said, pointing out that the first to be interrogated in this regard last week was the then minister’s private secretary Rahul Bhandari, a 1997 batch IAS officer of Punjab cadre.



We had said follwing Sh.Mahesh Kumar’s arrest, this kind of acts are rumored to be happening ab initio. Now the above link just confirms that it is ‘according to new item’ the thing.. and has been in vogue. What was apparent to most Railway Officers is now proving to be prophetic and is being reported by different media. Lets hope that CBI does thorough probe and expose the hidden skeletons which have been enjoying respect and status behind the doors of the ‘proverbial’ cupboard. Lets further hope that CBI raises like a sphinx from the ashes of Coalgate and redeems its USP , the credibility.

Shri RC Agarwal GM, WR and NWR (IRSSE) can be new Member staff.

GM of the NWR and WR Shri. R C Agrawal is likely to be appointed new Member (Staff), of the Railway Board. Present Member (Staff), Railway Board, Mahesh Kumar has been arrested by the CBI. It is significant to note that he was overlooked while considering Sh. Mahesh Kumar also IRSSE but junior to Sh RCA. Let us see if they are going to make him ML when that post falls vacant.


Shri Mahesh Kumar , IRSSE (Member Staff) is arrested.

Mr. Mahesh Kumar , IRSSE and now the Member (staff} of Railway Board was arrested on charges of bribing to get a particular posting. He was an Iconic , efficient and Positive Officer. Perhaps the System requires that even the best Officers or required to pay for top postings. While IRSSE believes in total transparency , one has to look at the overall picture of  contemporary approach of Establishment in choosing people for posts like DRM, GM and Members in Railways.


Sh. Mahesh Kumar , IRSSE, GM/WR is new MS

Shri Mahesh Kumar, IRSSE and currently GM/WR is the New Member Staff. Let all IRSSE join togather to congratulate the new MS. Let us also hope that he will go as ML in the near future after the current ML who is likely to be the CRB. Sh. Mahesh Kumar has been one of the icons of IRSSE.