The First Computer Genious Would have turned 100.

Alan Turing was born in London on 23 June, 1912 and from a very early age he showed deep interest toward science and mathematics. As he grew, Turing showed exceptional ability in solving advanced problems. His innovative mind conducted several test and also worked on the design of the Automatic Computing Engine (ACE). In 1946, he presented a paper which is known as the first elaborate design of a stored-program computer.

His life is full of achievements and because of this extraordinary work he was appointed Reader in the Mathematics Department at the University of Manchester in 1948. His contribution in mathematics and ‘Computing machinery and intelligence’ are still considered to be significant work.

Turing was reported dead on 8th June 1954 due to cyanide poisoning which was believed to be a suicide.

In Manchester, ahead of his 100th birthday, to pay tribute to this codebreaking genius an award has been named after Alan Turing for people who makes significant contribution to help victims of homophobia.

Third Line Commissioning in NR


The 3rd line between Aligarh to Ghaziabad was commissioned in two phases. In the 1st phase, the entry of 3rd line to Ghaziabad was introduced which facilitated entry of one train at a time from Aligarh to Ghaziabad. With the increase in traffic on 3rd line, the signalling and interlocking was further modified so that simultaneously two trains can enter in Ghaziabad yard from Aligarh side. Ghaziabad yard is provided with Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) having 621 routes. The 2nd modification in the yard involved changes in 87 routes out of total 621 routes necessitating addition/removal of about 2000 wires. Normally, such a massive change in signalling and interlocking requires non-interlocking of a yard for many days resulting in cancellation/diversion and slowing down of trains through the yard. However, Northern Railway planned to introduce the changes in the interlocking within one mega block of 6 hrs combined with three minor blocks of 2 to 3 hrs with least interruption to traffic.

New GMs taking over

1. Sh.V K Gupta IRSE, has taken over as General Manager (GM), Northern Railway (NR). He was Secy/ Rly Board.

2. Sh.  Alok Johri, IRSME  has taken over as General Manager (GM), North Central Railway (NCR). He was  DRM/Jabalpur and not DRM/Vijayawada as earlier mentioned.

3. Sh RS Virdhi IRSME,  Jions as GM/NFR, Guwahati. He worked as DRM/Mumbai Central from 2004.

 They are  Sl No. 7 ,1 and 2   respectively in the Panel.

Works Rev Mtg By Sh. Mahesh Kumar, IRSSE, GM/WR

Mumbai : Works Review Meeting was held at Western Railway HQs, Churchgate, Mumbai recently. Shri Mahesh Kumar, General Manager, WR congratulated the team of Engineers for excellent work done during the year 2011-12. He however, added that the challenges for completion & commissioning of works in current financial year are more challenging. The works pertaining to MRVC & DFCCIL should be planned with right earnest along with ongoing works. Shri Kumar emphasized that the technical scheme for ‘execution of works’ should be acceptable to the user department. ‘Taking pride’ in putting up high quality work should be the motto of officers and staff. Shri Vinod Kumar Sangal, Chief Administrative Officer (Construction) deliberated on the targets of various works to be completed during the year 2012-13. The meeting was followed by Award Distribution function, where Shri Sangal distributed Awards for the year 2011-12 to officers and staff for meritorious work.

Photo Caption : Shri Mahesh Kumar, General Manager, Western Railway addressing the officials during Works Review meeting. Also seen is Shri Vinod Kumar Sangal, Chief Administrative Officer (Construction).

Two IRPS Officers get empanelled for HAG/PHOD

Two IRPS officers are reported to have been empanelled for HAG. They are


SER 1980 Batch, Eralier Chairman RRB /SC, DRM/GNT and  Now CPO, East Coast Railway Bhubaneswar

DOJ: 22/12/1981   DOB: 15/12/1955     Retmt: 31/12/2015          SAG since :  29.10.98

ER   Exam:1980     : Now CPO, Western Railway Mumbai    DOJ:   20/01/1982     DoB: 27/05/1955

Retmt : 31/05/2015       SAG Since :  29.10.98


IRTS-1990 Promoted to SAG.

As many as 16 IRTS officers of 1990 batch have been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade (SAG). They are: GC Meena promoted from SECR to SECR, Sanjay Goel, from NR to NWR, Y Nagendra Babu from SWR to SR, Shashi Kant Singh, from SER to ER, Pranai Prabhakar from WR to WR, Neeraj Ambastha, from ECR to ECR, Ajay Shankar Jha from SCR to SER, Deepak Kumar Jha, from ECOR to ECOR, Shailendra Kumar Sharma, from NR to NR, Sanjay Tripathi from NCR to NCR, VR Lenin from SR to SR, Chinta Venu Gopal from ECOR to ECOR, NK Dewani from WR to WR, Tej Kaul from WR to CR, M Mahali from METRO to ER, RK Dada Rao Sindikar from CR to CR.

Just to facilitate this apparently one Officer of IRSSE-88 was Promoted recently.





1. ALOK JOHARI,  IRSME, (DOB-02.11.1954 & DITS-12.03.1977)
2. R. S. VIRDI,  IRSME, (DOB-16.08.1955 & DITS-12.04.1977)
3. K. K. ATAL,  IRSME, (DOB-21.08.1954 7 DITS-12.03.1977)
4. RAKESH MISHRA,  IRSME, (DOB-16.01.1955 & DITS-11.04.1977)
5. R. K. SINGH,  IRSEE, (DOB-15.03.1955 & DITS-29.07.1977)
6. PRMOD KUMAR, IRSME, (DOB-29.04.1955 & DITS-29.09.1977)
7. V. K. GUPTA, IRSE, (DOB-14.05.1956 & DITS-14.11.1977)
8. MADHURESH KUMAR,  IRSE, (DOB-21.12.1954 & DITS-13.10.1977)
9. G. NARAYANAN,  IRSE, (DOB-25.03.1954 & DITS-17.11.1977)
10. V. K. JAIN, IRSE, (DOB-08.11.1954 & DITS-15.11.1977)
11. SUDHIR MITTAL,  IRSE, (DOB-30.07.1954 7 DITS-23.11.1977)
12. D. D. DEWANGAN,  IRSE, (DOB-01.06.1954 & DITS-19.11.1977)
13. SATYA PRAKASH,  IRTS, (DOB-23.04.1954 7 DITS-26.11.1977)
14. N. C. SINHA,  IRTS, (DOB-12.06.1954 & DITS-06.12.1976)
15. R. KASHYAP,  IRAS, (DOB-01.05.1954 7 DITS-12.12.1977)
16. A. RAKSHIT,  IRAS, (DOB-01.11.1954 & DITS-26.11.1977)
17. RASHMI KAPOOR,  IRAS, (DOB-07.10.1954 7 DITS-14.07.1977)
18. RANJAN TIWARI,  IRAS, (DOB-23.08.1954 & DITS-28.11.1977)
19. D. P. PANDEY,  IRTS, (DOB-15.01.1955 & DITS-15.12.1977)
20. MAHESH CHANDRA,  IRSS, (DOB-29.04.1954 & DITS-27.12.1977)
21. B. K. SINHA,  IRSS, (DOB-04.06.1954 & DITS-19.12.1977)
22. NAVIN TANDON,  IRSEE, (DOB-01.01.1956 & DITS-01.03.1978)
23. P. K. SHRIVASTAVA, IRSEE, (DOB-27.06.1955 & DITS-25.10.1977)
24. A. K. RAWAL,  IRSEE, (DOB-06.03.1955 7 09.11.1977)
25. MEHTAB SINGH,  IRSEE, (DOB-19.08.1954 7 DITS-07.11.1977)
26. AMITABH LAL,  IRTS, (DOB-23.09.1954 7 DITS-07.01.1978)
27. M. SURESH,  IRSSE, (DOB-15.09.1954 & DITS-04.02.1978)