HAG Postings

1. Shri RL Gupta, Director (IRISET) HAG is posted as CSTE/CORE vice Shri PK Srivastava, HAG

2. Shri PK Srivastava, HAG is Posted as CSTE/SCR vice Shri Satyendra Kumar, HAG

3. Shri Stayendra Kumar, CSTE/SCR is posted as Director, IRISET vice Shri RL Gupta


SAG Order :

Shri Mehaboob Ali, SAG (1988 Exam) on return from Deputation is posted to SCR his Parent Cadre.

IRSSE 1997 Gets SG wef 01-01-2011

29.12.2011 M Umasankar Kumar       Placed in SG   SCR

29.12.2011 Ranjit Kumar                      -do- SECR

29.12.2011 Deepak Prakash Garg         -do- NCR

29.12.2011 Rishi Gupta                          -do- NWR

29.12.2011 Jay Singh                              -do- NCR

29.12.2011 Manish Kaushal                 -do- ER

29.12.2011 Harish Pawaria                  -do- NCR

29.12.2011 Rajendra Kr.Gudeshar    -do- NWR

29.12.2011 Vijay Solanki                      -do- ER

29-12-11     K. Singson                            -do-   NFR

IRSSE site Congratulates these officers.

A Note on the move in Railway Board.

It is reliably learnt that a note Bringing out lack of Parity in Higher Posts, Esp DRMs for IRSSE has been moved by S&T Directorate in the Board. The main request is for raising no of DRM posts to 8 from Present 4 (four) seeking these posts from other Deptts (not IRSEE ….!) 🙂 .

The data sheet accompanying the Note is enclosed. Dont lose heart, at last some murmurs have started for parity.