You know Why ?

It is learnt (late news) that Sh Sudesh Kumar, ML (EX) Started the Process for 1987 Batch IRSEE (Elec) SAG promotion before he retired. If true one can understand the reason why he didnt  do the same favour for S&T which is in a better position in terms of cadre. Three IRSEE officers have got promoted already. We donot have any issue about that though.

The HAG and SAG promotion proposals are in a limbo despite our having the most efficient officer at the helm of affairs of S&T. When is IRSTE next meet due? That can be an opportunity to share ideas and chalkout action plan for action towards IRSSEA registration and beyond.


This Doesn’t Happen only in India ..

UK:    EVESHAM rail passengers suffered major delays this week after thieves stole more than 100 metres of copper cabling over two consecutive nights.

About 70 metres of the signalling cable was cut and stolen on Monday evening close to Common Road in Evesham. A search also discovered around 70 yards had been cut but left at the scene. On the following evening, about 50 metres of cable was taken from track near Kings Road in Evesham at about 7.12pm.

The thefts caused delays for early morning rail passengers on both Tuesday and yesterday morning and come shortly after a major project to improve the service was completed.

The manager of Evesham Station, Teresa Ceesay, said: “People are suffering; they cannot get to their jobs or meetings.”

Patrick Hallgate, Network Rail’s route managing director said: “Both incidents have resulted in nearly 1,200 minutes of delay to rail services, severely disrupting passengers.

“This is a serious crime with serious consequences and we are taking actions with the transport police to tackle this crime.”

Detective Sergeant Jon Rawson of the British Transport Police said: “What thieves don’t realise is that they are working on live cable, carrying up to 25,000 volts.

“They are putting their lives at serious risk.”

􀁥 Railway cable theft is estimated to cost the UK about £1billion a year. Copper has soared in value in recent years.

􀁥 Network Rail has seen cable thefts increase by a third to 995 incidents from 2009/10 to 2010/11. 

– UK Source

Temp GM arrangements

Sh. G N Asthana, GM, West Central Railways, has been assigned additional charge of South Central Railway (SCR).

Sh. Arunendra Kumar, Addl Member Railway Board, has been given additional charge of GM, Rail Wheel Factory (RWF), Bangalore.

Sh.Deepak Krishna, GM, Southern Railway, has been assigned additional charge of GM, South Western Railway (SWR).


SIMRAN technology to avert train accidents

KANPUR: SIMRAN technology (a GPS-based system) jointly developed by IIT-Kanpur and RDSO would go a long way in reducing train accidents at unmanned crossings. If used in roadways buses, passengers would help the passengers in knowing the location of the bus. The gangmen, while repairing the railway tracks, would also know about the arrival of the trains, thereby leaving no chance for mishap.

IIT-Kanpur director SG Dhande said that SIMRAN technology could be used for various purposes. He expressed happiness that it will go a long way in benefiting the society. Explaining the function of SIMRAN technology in roadways buses, Dhande said: “The passengers at bus stations remain a harried lot. They never come to know about the location of the bus. This technology could be highly useful. We have sent a proposal to the state government and the talks are on. If the proposal is accepted, we will transfer this technology to Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation,” he said.

– ToI

GM Posting proposal being returned by Cabinet Secretary

It is learnt that , the file containing proposals for posting of senior Railway officers on elevation as GMs which is with Cabinet Secretary Ajit Kumar Seth is going to be returned to the Railway Ministry with reservations of DoPT.

Apparently clarifications were sought Reg :

1. Need for Lateral transfers of GM/WCR and GM/ER

2. As to why Shri Rajiv Bhargava a contender for ME is not considered for GM/OL

– Whispers and other sources.