10 things you may like to know about Arvind Kejriwal

Team Anna: 10 things you may like to know about ex-IRS officer Arvind Kejriwal

 ONE of Team Anna Hazare’s key aides, Shri Arvind Kejriwal, was an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer who worked as Additional Commissioner of Income Tax inDelhi before opting for a quiet exit of his high profile government job. A crusader for stringent anti-corruption laws in India now, Kejriwal once met Mother Teresa in Kolkata and worked for her for two months. He started his NGO Parivartan informally even when he was in the Income-Tax department.
Here are 10 things you may like to know about Kejriwal, a Ramon Magsaysay Award winner and a confidante of Anna Hazare.
1. Hailing from Haryana, 43 year-old Kejriwal is an engineer from IIT-Kharagpur.
2. Worked for the Tata Group before joining Indian Revenue Service in 1995.
3. Before leaving the Tata and joining the IRS, he met Mother Teresa who asked him to work at Kalighat in Kolkata. Kejriwal worked for Mother Teresa for two months.
4. Kejriwal thought he would be a misfit in the IRS service, but did not leave the job immediately.
5. He also traveled inside Bodoland of Assam when militancy was at its peak.
6. Started his NGO Parivartan informally even when he was an Income Tax officer. Received Rs 50,000 donation from his relatives to begin the process. The idea was to appeal people that “don’t pay bribe in the tax department, get your work done through Parivartan”.
7. Won the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership in 2006.
8. Played a key role in lobbying for the Right To Information Act passed.
9. Kejriwal’s wife Sunita is also an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer. They have two children.

10. He lives at Kaushambi in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. It’s just at the outskirts of Delhi.


13 comments on “10 things you may like to know about Arvind Kejriwal

  1. It is was really a surprise for us to believe that person like Shri Arvind Kejriwal is walking on this earth.

    We all are thankful of you sir and specially to the family members who have supported the movement against corruption in our country.Thank you madam.

    It is always inspiring to us that when ever situation of bribe arises your face will stop us to do so and became part of movement against corruption.

    You are a real hero.Salute to you and we are thankful to lead this country in right way.

    You have special place in our heart.

    Nitigna & Family

  2. At this moment whole country is with Anna team to fight against corruption . Arvind Kejariwal is a role model for the countrymen specially who are in bureaucracy . It is time when every body should come up leaving cast creed religion behind and unite against the corruption

  3. people like you make us understand that there are two routes to do get a job done ;we always thought that there is only one way ie by bribing

  4. Dear Mr. Arvind Kejriwal
    Indians are about to achive the GOAL, ” CORRUPTION FREE INDIA” it is only became possible because of your team rest less efforts. Pls dont worry from these … politicians , INDIA is with you.

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