Entire IRSEE -87 empanelled for SAG ?

It is being learnt that entire 87 Exam Batch of Electrical (IRSEE)  has got empanelled and orders for ten may be coming soon. Only 4 of IRSSE were empanelled and promoted.  We all know that more than twenty in Electrical SAG are floating while there  are only a few in S&T.

Lets hope the rest of IRSSE’87 gets a similar benefit.

( The information is yet to be confirmed authentically)


Zero Appropriation for Pensions in 10-11 ? Scaring if True.

As per an online Pension Portal the actual appropriations which were to be about Rs. 15000 Cr  were ZERO in 2010-11  for what ever (Accounting?)  reasons.. Please follow this link and judge for yourself.

Scaring, is it not? Lets hope this will be made up in the current financial with about Rs. 16000 Cr projected. In fact it should be more,  keeping 6th Pay commission and 2010-11 backlog in mind.

Please share any info in this regard.

Also in the same PDF document observe the sudden drop in appropriations to DF and DRF. Also please observe the drop in Dividend payment in in 2010-11 and sudden proposed increase in 2011-12.


Shri Sanjeev Handa, IRSME, MM to be the new CRB ?

Shri Sanjeev Handa, IRSME and presently serving as member Mechanical in the Railways Board is said to be all set to take over as the new Chairman of the Railway Board.

If true,  he will replace out going CRB Shri Vivek Sahai, IRTS.

An SCRA officer  he joined the Indian Railways Service of Mechanical Engineering on January 19, 1974.

Prior to joining as Member Mechanical, Railway Board, He was holding the post of General Manager, East Central Railway since November 19, 2009.

Only Problem is that he has less than one year as he is to retire in Feb,2012,  while ME, Shri AP Mishra is retiring in 2013.

Who will be next MT/ RB ?

Shri Kuldeep Chaturvedi General Manager (GM) of the South Western Railway (SWR) has reportedly represented to the government of India (GOI), by virtue of his being the senior most, his is the fit case to be elevated as the Member traffic (MT) in the Railway Board.

However it is learnt that he is retiring in Jan, 2012 thus not having one full Year, Sri Kamal Kumar saxen , his Junior and GM is retiring in July, 2012 and could be the choice. But is member post accessible to other than O/line GMs ? Or is it Sh Vinay Mittal GM/SER retiring in 2013 ?

By month end Posts of  CRB, ML, MS and MT will be vacant with only FC, ME and MM in service.