Railway Official may be CVC

It is learnt that the government has taken due precaution to draw the panel for the next CVC in place of P J Thomas who was unceremoniously removed by a verdict of the Supreme Court. After going through the minutest details, a panel has been drawn which consists of the following names …..

Usha Mathur IRAS 1974 who is presently serving as Secretary Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs

Vijayalakshmi K Gupta, IDAS 1974 as of now Secretary (Finance) Defence Ministry

V K Bhasin who is serving as Secretary Legislative Department Ministry of Law and Justice. He is from the Indian Legal Service

It is evidently clear that the list has ignored IAS officer as was speculated. The list will now be forwarded to the selection committee which includes Prime Minister, Home Minister and the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha

Murphy’s law … and more

New Post on the Page Miscillany ( This Law is is Challenge that is to be overcome by “Fail Safe Engg” and hence of Importance to Rly. Signal Engineers). 

Basic Murphy’s Law as we know …

” If something can go wrong, it will go wrong.”

Other Laws and corollaries :

  • Murphy’s Law of Thermodynamics
    Things get worse under pressure.
  • The Murphy Philosophy
    Smile . . . tomorrow will be worse.
  • Quantization Revision of Murphy’s Laws
    Everything goes wrong all at once.
  • Murphy’s Constant
    Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value
  • Murphy’s Law of Research
    Enough research will tend to support whatever theory.
  • Addition to Murphy’s Laws
    In nature, nothing is ever right. Therefore, if everything is going right … something is wrong.  
  • Sod’s Law or
    McGillicuddy Law
    “Murphy was an optimist” …. so to say “Even if Something cannot go wrong it will”.

SC has its say, next CVC will be a non IAS officer

The die is cast now. After the whopping miscalculation faced by the UPA government in nominating PJ Thomas IAS  as CVC whose appointment was declared null and void by the Supreme Court, the government is now treading its path cautiously for the appointment of a new CVC.

It is almost clear that the next CVC will not be an IAS officer and will be drawn from other sectors as mentioned by the SC in its order.

It is learnt that  a detail process has been followed and according to insiders,  a list of three names have been narrowed down. None of them belong to the IAS cadre.

Appeal to Railway Board

As per the advice of  a Railway Board official during the visit of  87-88 exam batches ( a few) to R. Board recently, a common appeal is being submitted to Hon’ble MR and R. Board shortly in Regard to SAG promotion and other important matters considered  vital for  IRSSE in general for career Progression :

Some of the issues being highlighted/ adressed :

1. Important of IRSSE in Train Operations and Safety

2. The fact the best opt for ECE in Engg, the best among the ECE-  CESE toppers chose IRSSE over other Engg Service options; the present state of affairs of IRSSE.

3. Need for  Creation of Member (S&T)

4. Need for Proportionate representation in GM/DRM/AGM/ SDGM/ CSO etc

5. Use of ADRM to decongest  IRSSE and do better cadre balancing

6. Immediate Processing of NFSAG for 87 batch

7. Follow it  up with steps to promote left over 86, 87, 88 and 89  IRSSE to SAG

The  coordinators are expecting at least 20 Signatures of IRSSE, preferably 86-89 batches. Please email web manager or your EC Member of  –ROA of your Railway if you want to sign too (irrespective of batch).

The issue is beyond timely SAG for a few batches.


Interaction with R.Board

Some of 87-88 Batches met some Officials who matter in R. Board and brief summary of What emerged about SAG issue :

CRB : Was not accessible as he was very busy perhaps due to change of MR

ML : Allowed only one of the delegation and said the IRSSE is over saturated so he cannot help ; also that people cannot stop working just because they say they are demoralized. ( It is learnt the file of 86-87 SAG File is lying here for obvious reasons).

SECY/ RB : Most receptive and sympathetic . (The Part 87-86 is with ML and doesnt know why it is not going ahead beyond ML?! NF SAG will be expedited).

AM/Sig : Was not available as he was on an unexpected  leave/ Line Prog.

One ED : The Position of IRSSE is very bad and people shold look outwards.

Another ED : The NF SAG for 87 IRSSE can be a reality within a week.

Another delegation may meet AM/Sig and ML soon.


A Further Update on MR

Source : Latest India NewsRediffnews

There is intense speculation in the government that Railways would not go to the Trinamool as the Railway minister has always been a senior person, carrying political weight while being on various cabinet committees and Group of Ministers.

Sources say that Ms.Mamta has been offered three portfolios in lieu of the railway portfolio while her ministers of state would be there to keep track of the WB aspects of the railways. A final decision on this is yet to be taken.

The prime minister, who is hosting a dinner on May 22 to celebrate the second anniversary of the second term of the United Progressive Alliance , where a report card on the government’s achievements would be released, is leaving for an Africa tour from May 23 to 28. A decision some time there after.

Shri Mukul Roy will be made a Cabinet minister when the Prime Minister reshuffles his team

Source: Indian Express 20-05-2011

For now Shri Mukul  Roy will only be a junior minister under the Prime Minister, who is handling the portfolio after Ms. Mamata Banerjee. He will be made a Cabinet minister when the Prime Minister reshuffles his team, most likely before the monsoon session of Parliament in July.

Sources said the Trinamool chief made it plain to the Congress leadership, when she met them earlier this week, that she would want her party to retain the Railway portfolio. The reasoning within the Trinamool, sources said, was because a number of projects, especially those relating to West Bengal, which were announced by Mamata are still in preliminary stages, she was keen that they be completed with the ministry under the Trinamool’s charge.