Pros and Cons of Auto Signalling with MSDAC ..Pt-2

Few more Pros for Auto Signalling with MSDAC counter:
7. Traction return, structure bonding issues,
8. Free from Flooding and ballast condition,
9. Less Cu cable required.
10. One track section per signal.
11. Simple control circuits, no sequential proving required.
12. Very low maintenance need.
13. Power saving over AFTCs.
15. Less theft prone.
16. Train shunt resistance TSR problem for lighter vehicles
17. less maintenance inventory

Pros and Cons of Auto Signalling with MSDAC

It is  learnt that Multi-section Digital Axle Counters (MSDAC)s have the following Pros in Auto Territory :
1. No need for FTC sleepers, GFN Liners etc
2. Absence of Glued Joints
3. Auto rest facility based on count of subsequent sectins
4. No Trk Ckt Mtce as there are less Eqpts and Locations
5. More Reliable than AFTC
6. Lower Life Cycle Costs

Cons :
1. Trolley Failures
2. Possibility of Multiple Section Failures due to common Eqpt

Please share any further Adv/ Disadvantages.

It is learn that …. Shri A.P. Mishra who is in the reckoning for the post of Chairman Railway Board has an edge. It is so because he is considered to be the favourite officer of Railway Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee. Presently, he is Member-Engineering in Railway Board.

GSM-R Communications-Railways Industry Group

GSM-R Global System for Mobile Communications-Railways Industry Group

The majority of the early GSM-R suppliers have built up a GSM-R Industry Group. The members of this group are:

ALSTOM Transport S.p.A. STL,           Funkwerk,         Frequentis AG,       Kapsch,      Nokia Siemens Networks, Nortel Networks,         Sagem Communications,    Selex Communications,     Siemens Mobile AG, Wenzel Electronik

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