Cadre Review of JAG/SAG

A cadre review of JA/SG/SAG and HAG has been ordered across all Railway Services. IRSSE letter also received. Brief description :

HAG : All Railways to have HAG


CSE-I and CSE-II based on workload

CCE, CSTE/Plg and CWM workshop including Rail signal Electronic  Component factory


Training Managers in Zonal Schools

One Post for Rail Electronics Component factory


ED/On Board Signalling


Sr.Prof / Training

Justified proposals duly uprgarding lower Posts may be sent to RB by 18-03-11.

Basis , DoPT Circular of Dec-10.


16 comments on “Cadre Review of JAG/SAG

  1. Based on present workload, specially as S&t is maintening Railnet, PRS, FOIS, UTS and other small NW on all zones, S&T MUST have on its cadre a CNM or CNWM – Chief Network Manager, who will command over the networking assets of Railways. He shall have neccessary support staff on downside, like 01 DyCNM, 01 DyCNM-Safety, 02 SNM/JNM and required staff, based on Networking units of al Zones. The Dy.CNM/FOIS &/or SNM/FOIS, whereever existing, shall also report to him.

    moreover, S&T must create a NW teaching stream at IRISET, and develop a technical lab at IRISET or CAMTech-GWL for detailed practicle training to its mainteners, ia assosiation with leading IT companies of India.

  2. And we need a Network control & management center for Railways multiple NWs of PRS & UTS, FOIS, Railnet etc., with SAG/SG level NW mgr at all Railways, who will intwract with all concerned service providers, like BSNL, Railtel. other TSPs like Airtel/Tata/Reliance etc to keep the Railways network running always.

  3. Is there any proposal as described above, ie, to bring IT under S&T in Railways???
    I have no idea. Please enlighten me..

    This may be a big thing for the IRSSE, and possibly a late-but-right thing for the Railways. I still believe that anybody being given IT responsibility in Railways shall have atleast Electronics/Telecom background.

  4. has any action been started on that or any railways proposd posting of permanent NAMC -network access, control and management center manager, under a CSTE(NAMC)?. A good thought, Lokesh

  5. We definately need that to focus our atention on the problems of that post. This will start sure & early actions on problems concerning to that field, and in-tuen, will generate confidence of Railway officials in S&T that we can tackle these problems and shall not depend on an external agency.

    Moreover, IRISET shall start an IT & MIS wing & laboratories for this facility. The early the better.

  6. These are good suggestions. In view of IRSSE’s opinion “IRTS grip on CRIS and PRS/ FOIS/COIS/Charting is well known”, we shall at least start a networking lab at IRISET, probebly making it an off-campus lab with colloberation with IT& NW giants like CISCO, INFOSYS, TCS, D-LINK etc, as they might know the actual field conditions better.

  7. that off-campus lab may be at Bangalore in collaberation with some IT company. I am sure they will respond positively, if approched by IRISET.

  8. Thankyou, Aashish. I can feel the need, as I have been in the field of IT for long here. This action will be “the better-the earlier”, otherwise, we may be left behind, and another corporation NETRAIL will be formed to take care of this. This is a landmakk , if taken in right spirit at the right time, otherwise, it may be another opportunity missed by IRSTE.

  9. Our railway, the SECR had the post of CSTE & CM-IT for initial four years, when the incumbent CSTE was also looking after the charges of CM-IT as additional charge. After that, the Electrical branch had given an exclusive prson to be p0osted as CM-IT in SECR.

  10. Kiran, I know that. I was the then and again present Dy.CM-IT of SECr. We ar executing the MIS upgradation to Oracle11g and Servers replacement work now. Bajpai Sir had suggested very good methodology to set an off-campus lab at Banglore in collobaration with some big IT coy. We may also explore the option to set us an Off-campus IT training clas for S&T proffesional at IRCAMTech-Gwalior, if places are insufficient at IRISET.

    Meanwhile, I strongly suggest that we shall have MIS & NW seminarat IRISET, for all peopls employed in IT/NW/MIS/FOIS/PRS/UTS activities by some fancy name, like RENTS – (Railways’ ERP, Network & Telecom Symposyum). We shall have sufficient representation from all Railways and will be welcomed by the IT giants for this.

    I also volunteer for initiating for first RENTS, if slected.

  11. The name “RENTS”, Lokesh suggested, is very appealing. I presume IRSTE and IRISET will take note of this and will activate first RENTS under Lokesh’s coordination. He had already volunteered for that.

    I second his thoughts and proposal.

  12. Thankyou, Bajpai Sir. I againvolunteer to host RENTS-11, if agreed by all. I request IRSTE to consider the same, and I will involve all my strengths for that.

  13. Please suggest about those who working in the Railway PRS and UTS Organisation as 1) Programmer, 2) Console Operator, 3) Data Base Operator,4) Project Assistant 5) TDL and other Ex-Cadre technical worker future’s in Indian Railway. How long will they remain deprived. Anybody think of those fellow employees existence in Railway. There respective promotional pathways, benefit for acquiring Qualification in Computer and Information Technology (if any). FUTURE!

    • This is not relevant on this forum. If You are direct Employee of CRIS or On Deputation, pl ask UR immediate Bosses. If You are out-sourced, You have to find Your own ways.

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