India will be hard to beat – Ponting

India will be hard to beat – Ponting

Daniel Brettig

March 27, 2011

“India are going to be hard to beat,” Ponting  told reporters in Sydney. “They are a very powerful team, there’s no doubt about that, their bowling probably hasn’t quite hit its straps as much as they would like yet, but their batting is very good.

“No surprise Sri Lanka today, everyone probably picked that, although the margin is quite surprising and I think they are going to be right in it now. I think Sri Lanka will beat New Zealand and I think India will beat Pakistan and if it ends up being an India Sri Lanka final it will be a great game of cricket.”

Allotment of Gen Posts …

As per a written clarification (to RTI) put by a colleague about what is the policy regarding distribution of General (Ex-Cadre)  posts  RB gave the following clarification ……… Upper limit by RB abd rest from ouradata.

Post               Upper Limit      IRSSE Actual (approx)               IRSEE(Approx)

ADRM         :    20                                23                                                           02

DRM            :     18                                10                                                           03

SDGM          :    03                               00                                                            02      ( IRSME and IRTS each 04)

CSO               :  Cadre Post

AGM             : 03                                 00                                                           01       (IRSME : 04)

GM                : Abt 8.0                         02                                                          05       (IRTS : 10    and IRSME : 08)

Not more than 37.5%  of all  GM Eqult

Boliyen Kyaan karen …? What next…..?  A lot information was denied and an appeal is due….    IRSSE

Wipro CEO offered Rs. 10Cr/Annum .. How about CRB?

Mumbai, Mar 21 (PTI) T K Kurien, the new chief of the IT business and CEO of Wipro, will get an annual salary package of up to Rs 10 crore .

As per the terms of appointment of Kurien, salary is in the range of minimum of Rs 3 crore to a maximum of Rs 10 crore a year, Wipro said in a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

This would include periodic increments, variable pay (based on performance criteria), leave travel allowance, house rent allowance, company provided car and driver, furniture and equipment and provident fund among others.

Kurien”s is one of the highest salary packages in the IT industry.

Kurien will get 12 months salary as severance benefits in case his services are terminated. This benefit will be calculated on the basis on the last drawn salary before the termination.

“If the company terminates the agreement, the company will communicate the same in writing to the CEO and the CEO will be eligible for severance benefits as follows: 12 months last drawn salary,” the filing said.

Salary for this purpose includes basic pay, benefits and allowances and variable pay, it added.


Misdirected research.. a case study ;Japan

Japan is the second biggest economy (now third) in the world and a nation of virtues like knowledge, honesty and hard work. What makes this nation so vulnerable to disasters making it a lame duck in the face of nature’s fury?

The world invested several Billions of Dollars, pounds and what not on sending men to moon, and a lot more on sending thousands of men to heavens (in the name of defence). For all we know , earth quakes are a physical phenomenon and are hence theoretically predictable.

What prevents Japan and its big brother ally US and the whole world on putting their best brains and purses work together to evolve a mechanism to come out with a comprehensive understanding of the laws governing the interiors of the earth and arrive at  accurate predictions if not prevention techniques.

The nation that produces the best quality products and sells them the world over is sadly watched on Sony TV screens and Vaio laptops across the world with pity as its Suzukis and Hondas are washed away by the sea waves .

A nation so often ravaged by Earth quakes of all magnitudes seems to be revelling in its hard work and wallowing in its useless prosperity without leading research in the field that is so important for its very survival.

Can we say, one can make a living out of business but cant keep living just because  of doing good business.

Lets all hope wisdom dawns on this land of raising sun.

Cadre Review of JAG/SAG

A cadre review of JA/SG/SAG and HAG has been ordered across all Railway Services. IRSSE letter also received. Brief description :

HAG : All Railways to have HAG


CSE-I and CSE-II based on workload

CCE, CSTE/Plg and CWM workshop including Rail signal Electronic  Component factory


Training Managers in Zonal Schools

One Post for Rail Electronics Component factory


ED/On Board Signalling


Sr.Prof / Training

Justified proposals duly uprgarding lower Posts may be sent to RB by 18-03-11.

Basis , DoPT Circular of Dec-10.